Which SEVENTEEN Member Are You?

which seventeen member are you
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Seventeen made their mark with their unique sounds, synchronized choreographies, and the personalities of each member. But have you ever wondered, “Which Seventeen member are you?” We’re going to get into the heart of this beloved group, giving you insights into each member before you take the exciting quiz.

A Brief Info About Seventeen

Seventeen debuted in 2015 under Pledis Entertainment. With 13 members, they’re divided into three units: Vocal, Hip-Hop, and Performance. Their music is unique, weaving in elements of R&B, pop, hip-hop, and even rock. Beyond the music, what truly stands out are the members themselves.

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Seventeen Members and Their Personality Types

  1. S.Coups – As the leader, he exudes confidence. His protective nature makes him a figure of strength and stability in the group.
  2. Jeonghan – Known for his angelic looks, he possesses a calm and thoughtful demeanor. He’s someone who looks out for the younger members.
  3. Joshua – Soft-spoken and polite, his gentlemanly manners have made fans dub him the group’s “gentleman.”
  4. Jun – The “mysterious” one, Jun often surprises with his depth of thought and profound insights.
  5. Hoshi – Energetic and passionate, he embodies the spirit of dance and performance in Seventeen.
  6. Wonwoo – Quiet and introspective, Wonwoo has a rich inner world, often reflected in his lyrical contributions.
  7. Woozi – The group’s musical genius, dedication, and perfectionist nature shine through in Seventeen’s tracks.
  8. DK – Always wearing a bright smile, DK’s infectious energy lights up any room he’s in.
  9. Mingyu’s tall stature might be intimidating, but he’s a soft-hearted individual who cares deeply for his members.
  10. The8 – Known for his artsy flair, The8 often stands out with his unique fashion and artistic pursuits.
  11. Seungkwan – The variety star of the group, his wit and humor bring laughter and joy to fans and members alike.
  12. Vernon – With a multicultural background, Vernon’s openness and adaptability make him a bridge between cultures.
  13. Dino – The youngest, but by no means the least, Dino’s dedication and hard work are commendable, often setting an example for many.

Which Seventeen Member Are You? 

As you read about each Seventeen member, perhaps you felt a twinge of recognition or felt drawn to a particular member. Maybe it’s their attitude, struggles, or how they relate to the world that echoes with you.

Taking our “Which Seventeen member are you?” quiz is a fun activity; it’s an exploration. While no quiz can capture the full essence of your personality, it can offer insights and reflections. It’s a mirror that might show you aspects of yourself that you’ve never realized.

Remember that whether you’re a leader like S.Coups or an artistic soul like The8, each role is crucial, each personality invaluable.

Seventeen is a world in itself, a microcosm of various personalities, talents, and stories. You don’t have to wonder about the title question anymore. Just take our quiz and remember to have fun in the process. 



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