Popular Pop Songs Lyrics Quiz: Can You Guess The Missing Word?


How often do you listen to music? Where do you listen to it? In school, at work, while training? If you listen to pop daily and know names like Ed Sheeran, Selena Gomez, or Zac Efron, this Pop Songs Lyrics Quiz is definitely for you!

This quiz will make you refresh your memory and stimulate your brain. It would be best if you concentrated on completing the quiz. It will be easier for you if you're a real pop music fan. If you don't know a song listed in this quiz, you can get some help from the Genius.com website. But don't cheat! Try doing your best to complete it! We bet that #13 will be especially hard for you! Can you make it to the final page of the quiz?

Pop music - is what appears most often in public spaces. It is fashionable almost all the time. The songs on the charts change constantly. We usually listen to what is on top. No wonder - pop is created to reach the largest audience possible, but it is not intended to convey valuable content in the songs. Pop music is straightforward, with catchy choruses and catchy lyrics repeated several times in the songs. The melody is adjusted to the prevailing trends. Despite lacking a deeper message, this type of music is not created by amateurs - many specialists usually supervise the composing.

Pop has its origins in rock'n'roll. You can therefore call this music a branch of rock music. In pop music, however, intense sounds have been replaced by melodiousness so that it can reach a mass audience.

Apart from the fact that this music is pleasant, it is easy to remember, it can be listened to everywhere, and the recipient, while listening to such music, relaxes, for example, in the car going to work or school.

Pop includes melodic pieces that are easy to perceive thanks to their dance rhythm, simple instrumentation, and uncomplicated performance. Thus, this term can describe virtually all compositions that meet the above conditions, from jazz to rock.

The Pop Songs Lyrics Quiz contains 15 questions - 15 popular pop songs to guess.

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