Ed Sheeran Songs Quiz: Guess Songs Name From These Lyrics

ed sheeran songs quiz

Ed Sheeran (full name Edward Christopher Sheeran) is an English singer and songwriter. He was born in Halifax, Yorkshire, England. His main music genres are pop, folk-pop, and hip-hop. To this day, Ed Sheeran has released three albums.

Every song he releases is just pure genius. If you listen to his studio albums, then you have to admit that every piece he made is excellent. There are no better or worse songs, and every song is just perfect. Sheeran's most popular songs, like "Shape of You" or "I See Fire," got thousands of millions of views and counting. Even if you are not his fan, you must say that Ed Sheeran has no bad songs. Every song is unique and perfect in its particular way.

Do you consider yourself an Ed Sheeran fan? You can test your knowledge about his music in this Ed Sheeran Songs Quiz. Do you think that you know every song he ever released? Do you listen to Sheeran on a daily basis? This quiz will reveal if you're a real fan of this music artist. This quiz consists of 10 questions, so you must guess 10 Ed Sheeran's songs to get a perfect score. Each question will show you four lines of lyrics, and your task is to guess the song name based on these lyrics. Easy-peasy? Start the quiz and find out!

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