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one direction lyrics quiz
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How well do you know the lyrics of the One Direction songs? In this quiz, we have prepared 13 One Direction's songs. Some of them are their biggest hits, but some are less popular. To pass this One Direction Lyrics Quiz, you need to be the greatest fan of this English-Irish pop boy band. Keep on reading, then do your best in the quiz!

One Direction: How It All Started

Read on for the basics of One Direction before starting the 1D quiz.

One Direction is a band that consists of four members: Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, and Liam Payne. Their popularity has started when they attended The X Factor - a reality tv show about music competition. Despite the fact that finally, One Direction didn't win The X Factor final (they ended in the 3rd place) they still managed to sign a contract with Syco Records afterward. Not more than a year later, One Direction released their debut single, named "What Makes You Beautiful", which gained immense popularity in no time. That song made history, becoming the most pre-ordered Sony Music Entertainment single. Since then, One Direction was getting more and more popular day by day, and now they're one of the most popular pop bands in the history of music. To this day, One Direction has released five studio albums, starting with Up All Night (2011). Thanks to the 1D quiz you will feel like you are listening to your favorite band again because remembering each One Direction lyric is a real challenge!

Harry Styles is one of the members of One Direction, who after the band's split became even more popular than before. Since the split of One Direction, the band members have changed beyond recognition. Harry Styles became quite closely connected with the world of fashion. A lot has been said about the return of 1D recently. However, there is no official information yet. In the meantime, you can also test yourself in the Harry Styles quiz.

One Direction - Trivia & Facts

  1. They didn't know each other before The X Factor. Simon Cowell, the judge, came up with an idea to form the boys together.
  2. One Direction made their own 2012 calendar. Amazon claims that it was the best selling calendar of all time
  3. Harry Styles was born with four nipples

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About the One Direction Lyrics Quiz

This quiz consists of 13 questions. Your task is really simple. Each question will come up with 4 lines of One Direction's lyrics, and you'll have to guess the song's name. Simple, isn't it? Well, what are you waiting for then? Start the quiz to find out if you're the biggest One Direction fan! Good luck!

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