Stray Kids Quiz – Can You Get At Least 12/15?

stray kids quiz
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Are you new to the term octet? Do you know about Stray Kids? If so, you might have guessed that the term octet denotes a group of 8 performers or singers performing together. As you know, Stray Kids is a South Korean boys’ band composed of 8 members. If you have already heard this band singing, you might have gathered some information about them. Do you realize how much you know about this group? We will help you find it through our Stray Kids quiz.

Group Formation

In August 2017, JYP Entertainment officially announced the launch of the company’s new reality survival show. Including the show titled Stray Kids, many teasers and details were released in the next couple of months following August 2017. Before premiering this band, JYP Entertainment released the first music video of the music group titled “Hellevetor.” Later, it was released by the company as a digital single.

Originally, Stray Kids was a nine-member group. But in October 2019, one of its members, Woojin, left the band for personal reasons that the band has not revealed. In January 2018, the band released its extended play mixtape. After that, they officially debuted on the 25th of March of the same year with an EP titled “I Am Not.”

Members Of Stray Kids

As you know, this is an 8-member band, and it is better to know the names of these members before you get into our Stray Kids quiz:

  • I.N – Vocalist
  • Senugmin – Vocalist
  • Felix – Rapper
  • Han – Vocalist, Rapper
  • Hyunjin – Rapper
  • Changbin – Rapper
  • Lee Know – Vocalist, Rapper
  • Bang Chan – Vocalist, Rapper, and leader

The band specializes in hip-hop, K-pop, and electronic genres of music. The former member of Stray Kids, who left the band, was also a vocalist. Among these members, Han, Changbin, and Bang Chan are also members of the trio 3RACHA.


Before you get into our quiz, you might be interested in knowing about the brands that this band endorses. Initially, even before the release of the first debut, the nine-member group was selected as new models for endorsing Jambangee Jeans. This happened in the year 2018.

Again, in June 2018, the band was selected as an exclusive model for the Ivy Club. In the following month, they were signed with Minute Maid Sparkling. Just after five days after the release of their first CF, the team was selected as promotional models by the CGV “Youth Band Festival.” In September, the team was selected as brand ambassador for the Lotte Duty Free with the announcement made on the Instagram and YouTube accounts of the brand. After that, they were chosen for the promotion of many bands. All these happened because of the great fan following they gathered for their performances.

K-pop is music that has gained immense popularity in recent years. JYP Entertainment and other Asian labels outdo each other in grouping new music bands. However, we can definitely mention Blackpink here if we talk about huge success. Blackpink, unlike Stray Kids, is a group of girls who sing k-pop, among others. It would be a bad idea if you didn’t take the Blackpink quiz.

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Stray Kids – Some Interesting Facts

We know you wish to see the questions of our Stray Kids quiz. Wait a moment longer! Before you get into our examination, it would be a good idea to know some exciting things about the members of this group:

  • I.N is the youngest member of this group, and he specializes in singing trot
  • Senugmin is an early riser. He likes to wake up early, and he loves cooking fried eggs.
  • Felix, an Australian-born boy, believes that his freckles are his charm points.
  • Han studied and lived in Malaysia
  • Hyunjin is the hardest person to wake up.
  • Changbin always likes dark things like horror movies. Despite this, he still loves to sleep, hugging his pokemon plush toy.
  • Lee Know was eliminated in the fourth episode of Stray Kids. But he re-joined in the 9th episode.
  • Bang Chan is also an Australian-born person and is called nicknames like koala or kangaroo.

Now, you are all set to get into our Stray Kids quiz, aren’t you? Let’s get started!



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