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SEVENTEEN is another creation of the Korean pop scene, established by the music label Pledis Entertainment. The K-Pop group debuted with the song “Adore U” in 2015, which became an international hit at the speed of light, gaining millions of plays on YouTube and other music streaming platforms. Any K-Pop fan knows such hits as “Very Nice” or “A-Teen”. To make your time while listening to your favorite band, the SEVENTEEN quiz was created to test your general knowledge about the 13 musicians that make up this band.

Their History

Like many other South Korean music groups, SEVENTEEN’s career began with a show called “Seventeen TV,” and before their final debut, they also appeared on a reality TV show called “Seventeen Project: Big Debut Plan”.

The group currently consists of 13 members. However, this is not a typical group. ST can be compared to another South Korean band – NCT. Both these groups have one common denominator. Namely, the members of these groups form sub-units, i.e., they divide the group into smaller units. In this way, the whole group was split into three parts, divided according to the specialization of the given members. And that’s how the “Hip-Hop Unit” was created, which includes S.coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu, Vernon, “Vocal Unit”: Woozi, Jeonghan, Joshua, DK, Seungkwan and the “Performance Unit”: Hoshi, Jun, The8, Dino. Each unit had a predetermined task, and the members were selected according to skills and personal preferences.

The name SEVENTEEN has several meanings, as it does with other groups closely related to Korean pop. 17 is the average age of all members when they met, and the second meaning is a simple mathematical operation that sums up all group parts. 1 (group) + 13 (members) + 3 (sub-units) = SEVENTEEN. You have to admit the guys made it up well, didn’t they? Before the group’s formation, everything had to be planned from A to Z.


Although SEVENTEEN is a South Korean group, not all its members were born there. In fact, we can list three nationalities that are part of it. First, two group members were born in China, Jun and The8. The following two members, Vernon and Joshua, were born in the United States. The rest of the group is from South Korea. This is the beauty of music; there are no age or nationality divisions. If members feel a familiar vibe and get along well, nothing will stop them from achieving their goals.

Many fans think one of the members, Vernon, looks like Leonardo DiCaprio. How do you view it? Can you see the similarity? There is definitely something they have in common! Can you imagine Vernon in “The Wolf of Wall Street” – making a lot of money (wait, that already happened) or in “Titanic” – saving a drowning Rose? Sometimes it’s worth letting your imagination run wild, isn’t it?

The official SEVENTEEN fandom name is Carat. Their fans are nicknamed Carats – meaning they help their idols shine on stage and beyond. The name was chosen by an official poll where every fan of the group could cast their vote. However, the very beginning of the genesis of this name is slightly different because, before the band’s debut, they performed a song called “Shining Diamonds,” hence the fanbase’s name. Pretty cool!

Satisfy Your Hunger For K-Pop Knowledge – The SEVENTEEN Quiz Is Here!

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You’ve probably taken all sorts of quizzes about your favorite K-Pop band, such as the Seventeen members quiz, and you know all the members very well. It will be a bit different here. You need to know everything about them to show off your maximum score, and we don’t mean just members, but everyone who has had contact with them at some point in SEVENTEEN’s career. Let the SEVENTEEN quiz trivia challenge begin!



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