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If you have been following K-Pop sensation Monsta X then you’ll know their big hits like SOMEONE’S SOMEONE and MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. These songs are not only bangers, but they showcased just how talented the six boys are. No doubt you have dreamt of which one of them could be your boyfriend, or maybe you’ve even taken a Monsta X boyfriend quiz to see which one is perfect for you. Shownu is a hit with almost everyone, but some prefer Joohoney or I.M. Everyone has their preferences, and every single member of the group has aspects about themselves and their personalities that make them special. Are you ready to start the Monsta X quiz?

If you think you know a lot about Monsta X, try your luck at this Monsta X quiz and see if you really know your stuff when it comes to this stellar K-pop group. So go ahead and start jamming to some of their best songs. While you take this Monsta X quiz and figure out how much you do (or don’t) know about the survivors of No.Mercy.

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Monsta X: The Backstory

For the uninitiated, Monsta X is a K-pop group that was formed out of the winners of the Korean survival reality show No.Mercy. On this show, thirteen aspiring trainees had to compete against one another for a spot on the boy group that would be formed by the remaining 7 participants. These final seven participants included Shownu, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Joohoney, I.M., Wonho, and Minhyuk. Each of these boys showed their skill and talent throughout their time on No.Mercy. They proved that they have what it takes to go on to become superstars in the K-pop world.

The group’s name, Monsta X, is meant to show how they are “monsters that will take over the K-pop scene” while the X in the group’s name symbolizes the unknown. The “Mon” in Monsta also is a reference to the French word for “My”, making the group’s name also means “My star”.

After winning the show, they debuted in 2015 with their EP, Trespass, which was received to great acclaim. After this, they went on to release their very first studio album in 2017. This also brought with it their Japanese debut and a world tour. Needless to say, 2017 was a big year for Monsta X, and they did not disappoint. This album smashed through Billboard’s World Albums Chart straight up to number one. Their title track, Beautiful, became a smash hit.

Not stopping there, Monsta X went on to make a second world tour in 2018. They have also released their first full Japanese original song and then studio album that same year. Then the following year in 2019, many changes came to the group both structurally and tonally. To start it off, Jooheon changed his stage name to Joohoney. Further, the group started working more and more on English tracks. During this time, Wonho also left the group after allegations of owed assets and drug charges. Thankfully, these charges were dropped and cleared in March of 2020, but sadly Wonho was not able to rejoin his former groupmates. Instead, Starship Entertainment allowed him to take on a solo career.

Monsta X: What’s Next?

Finally, in 2020, Monsta X releases their very first album that was fully in English. This album becomes a huge success and finds its way to number 5 on the US Billboard 200. The only downside to this massive comeback was that Joohoney decided to take a break from the group. Although fans of Monsta X were saddened by this, they also understood and wished him well as it was for the good of his mental health.

Announcing a fourth world tour, Monsta X continues to break into new territory and deliver stellar music and performances. As things stand, it sure looks like Monsta X will be making waves in the music industry for many years to come.



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