QUIZ: Which Pop Star Are You?

which pop star are you
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What seems like an endless list of pop stars, the entertainers span all the way around the world and back. These extraordinary entertainers have some of the most extraordinary fans. When they come together under the same roof, a Herculean musical bash is guaranteed. Pop star fans are from all walks of life. As soon as children begin to walk, they begin looking up to at least one notable pop star. The Which Pop Star Are You Quiz is simple, quick, and accurate. 

Legendary Pop Stars

Nearly everyone has an attachment to at least one pop star. While the attachment is remote, it is an attachment nonetheless. Pop stars like Whitney Houston, Elvis Presley, Amy Winehouse, and Prince entertained their fans until they were laid to rest. The up-and-coming can only hope they get as big as these legendary artists.

It is not unusual for fans to dream about being a pop star. They would do anything to live a moment in their favorite pop star’s shoes. The Which Pop Star Are You Quiz can help fans pinpoint their music artist’s personality. 


With her no-holds-barred approach to entertaining her fans, Madonna still continues to enjoy the spotlight of these modern times. Constantly referred to as “The Queen of Pop,” Madonna will go down in history as one of the bestselling female pop stars of all time.

Anyone with a personality like Madonna’s will not only enjoy the spotlight, but that is where they will thrive. The pressure and scrutiny only add to the hype. 

Michael Jackson

If Madonna is “The Queen of Pop,” that only leaves one to claim the title of “The King of Pop.” There is absolutely no pop star who could even come close to being as fabulous as Michael Jackson. 

Being eccentric and strange is oftentimes misunderstood, but not when it is Michael Jackson. The legendary singer, songwriter, and dancer never went anywhere without fans falling all over themselves to see him. Jackson was one pop star with a passion for music like no other.

Katy Perry 

The thriving American singer Katy Perry has 16 ASCAP Pop Music Awards and 13 Grammy Awards under her belt. Perry is one of the most decorated pop stars of all time. “Dark Horse,” “Roar,” “California Gurls,” “Firework,” “Teenage Dream,” “I Kissed a Girl,” and “Teenage Dream” are just to name a few of Perry’s award-winning songs.

At 38, Perry continues to grace the stage like a teenage pop star. In fact, some fans believe her later performances are better than in her youth.

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Justin Bieber

Justin Drew Bieber is the son of Pattie Mallette and Jeremy Jack Bieber. Pattie has supported her son’s music career right from the start. Today, she is his manager. 

Bieber was a YouTube sensation when Scooter Braun was surfing the Internet looking for up-and-coming artists. It did not take long for Scooter to discover Bieber’s YouTube channel. While only accidental, the American entrepreneur was enthralled with the 13-year-old’s musical talent. Scooter had Bieber in an Atlanta studio recording demos a short time later.

Answer The Questions

Pop stars are popular around the world because their creations are widely loved. Have you ever questioned which pop star would match your personality? Which pop star are you? The quiz can help match your personality to the pop star that best matches your answers. Pop stars are interesting because they’re ordinary individuals who managed to become famous around the world.

Do you have more in common with Madonna, Prince, Taylor Swift, or Lady Gaga? The best way to find out is by finishing the quiz. It will use your simple answers to match you to your pop star. Get started now so you can share the results with your friends.



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