Twenty One Pilots Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Band?

twenty one pilots quiz
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Twenty One Pilots is an American band which consists of two members: Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun. The beginnings of the band dates back to 2009 when it was founded by three members. To this day, Twenty One Pilots have released five studio albums. Their main music genre is alternative hip-hop, but also electropop, rock and other different styles of music. They're very versatile, that's why people love them! How well do you know their history? Can you name all of the members (current ones and the ones who left the band)? Can you name all of their albums and songs? If it isn't a problem for you, and you know their lyrics by heart, then we guess you're ready!

This quiz will test your knowledge about the band, so after completing it you'll be able to define if you're a real fan of Twenty One Pilots or not. If you're listening to them since their beginnings, then your chances of beating this Twenty One Pilots Quiz with a maximum score are getting bigger! However, some of the questions will be hard, tricky, but most importantly interesting. Keep on reading as this article may help you with completing the quiz.

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Twenty One Pilots - Trivia And Fun Facts

  • Twenty One Pilots is their first album, released in 2009
  • Tyler Joseph loves video games, Melee is his favorite
  • They won Grammy Award for their song "Stressed Out"
  • Both members of Twenty One Pilots are from Columbus, Ohio
  • They're also both Christians

Twenty One Pilots Quiz - How To Play?

This quiz consists of 10 questions. We will be asking you questions from the very beginning since the band was founded, to this day, when Twenty One Pilots are the most recognized American band in the world! If you want to complete this quiz with a perfect score, then you need to be a huge fan of Tyler and Josh! Well, I guess that after all of these pieces of information included above, you're ready to start the quiz! Don't waste more time and go on, test your knowledge about Twenty One Pilots! Good luck!

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