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Do you know what septet means? Of course, you have guessed it right! This is a term used to denote a group of seven people who play music or sing together. Do you think about whether our Got7 quiz has started here itself? No, it is just the beginning. You are here because you have heard about Got7, and even you might be an ardent follower of this band. You might have reached this place to learn more about this musical band. Before we get into our quiz, let us get into some basics about this septet.

What Is Got7?

This is a musical band from South Korea that has gained popularity across the world. This boy band was founded by JYP Entertainment and owned by Park Jin-young. Yes, this band is led by Park Jin-Young, whose name is shortly referred to as JYP Entertainment. However, don’t let this name fool you, as one of the Got7 members has the same name! Obviously, these are two different people. Park from Got7 is known as JB in the band, and the other members are Yugyeom, Mark, BamBam, Jackson, Youngjae, and Jinyoung.


The band debuted in January 2014. Their first EP, ‘Got It,’ has peaked in the second position on the Gaon Album Chart. It even got the first position on Billboard’s World Albums Chart. Both these positions attracted deserving popularity for this budding band right on their first EP. The Got7 band got the attention of music lovers worldwide through its live performances. The uniqueness associated with this band’s live performance is the inclusion of street dancing and martial arts tricking. What more do you know about this boy band? Take our Got7 quiz to learn more.

Recent Releases

On the 20th of April 2020, the ensemble released its 11th EP named Dye. Even on this day, they released their lead single, “Not by the moon,” The band broke its own record for the first week and first-day sale of the EP. Yes, the band sold 281,791 copies in the first week and 159,098 copies of the EP on the first day. This EP topped the fourth position on the Billboard World Albums Chart, and more than 450,000 copies have been sold. In turn, it gained the status of the Got7’s best-selling album to date. The extended play topped iTunes charts across 40 world nations.

On the launch day, the Got7 band went on V Live for a special premiere. During this day, they did a show-stopping performance of the releases. At this premiere, nearly 1.77 million fans tuned in. These numbers clearly show that you are not the only fan of this band.

K-pop fans have it to themselves that they are not devoted to only one group of musicians. Many k-pop bands are gaining immense popularity all over the world. Some of them are, e.g., Blackpink (girl group), BTS, or Exo. This quiz is just one of many that you can solve on our website. The BTS quiz is especially popular.

Some Interesting Facts About Got7

We know that you are interested in getting into our Got7 quiz. But wait, knowing some unknown and interesting facts about your favorite K-pop members of this band will bring you happiness. Here are some of them:

Other than two members, Jinyoung and Jackson, all the other five have a great interest in pets. Particularly, JB and BamBam have four or five pets each.

Before any interview or live performance, the team has a ritual they follow regularly. They just put all their hands together and chant, “Got7 Jjai”. They say that they pass their energy to others by doing so. They feel that good vibes pass on from one person to another when they do this.

Moreover, this band takes teamwork seriously! Of course, you now know the reason for their success. Come and learn how much you know about this k-pop ensemble through our Got7 quiz!



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