Why Don’t We Quiz: Ultimate Test of Your Knowledge!

why don't we quiz
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How well do you know the Why Don't We (WDW) American boy band? This quiz will test your knowledge about the boys, and you will be able to tell if you're the greatest fan of WDW! Do you think that you know EVERYTHING about them? Can you sing every song they made so far? Only a Why Don't We superfan can answer the quiz questions with ease. Why Don't We Quiz consists of 11 questions on various topics related to the WDW boy band. Some of the questions are related to the whole group, and some are related to its members. The questions will not only concern the music sphere but also the private life of every WDW member. Seriously, you have to be the biggest Why Don't We fan to get the perfect score in this quiz.

Start the quiz now and find out if it will be a piece of cake for you!

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Why Don't We - The New "One Direction"?

Why Don't We is an American boy band consisting of 5 members: Daniel Seavey, Zach Herron, Corbyn Besson, Jack Avery, and Jonah Marais. Their main music genre is pop. Like most of the great music stars of recent years, Why Don't We started their career by uploading their songs to the web. The band was formed relatively recently, in 2016. Despite the fact that they are not on the music stage for too long, they have reached MILLIONS of fans in a very short time. They have released a few EP albums and one full-length studio album called "8 Letters" so far. Even though they are young boys (Zach was born in 2001!), Why Don't We creates an amazing musical mix together, and they have already collaborated with such personalities from the music industry like Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes or The Chainsmokers. WDW have won many music awards already, including:

  • Teen Choice Awards 2019: Choice Music Group
  • TH40 Mid Year Awards 2019: Favorite International Group; Best Fandom (Limelights); Favorite Music Video ("Big Plans")

Check Why Don't We's social profiles and their songs on YouTube to see how popular they are, in case you don't know them yet! You won't be disappointed for sure!

WDW Quiz - How To Play?

If you think you know everything about Zach, Jack, Daniel, Corbyn, and Jonah, then you can start the quiz right away! After completing the quiz, you'll be able to verify if your knowledge of Why Don't We is good enough! On the final page of the quiz, you will find out what result you have achieved.

Are you ready to start the quiz? Don't forget to share your results on your social media profiles to confirm that you're a real Why Don't We fan! Good luck!

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