Adele Songs Quiz: Are You The Biggest Fan?

adele songs quiz

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Adele Laurie Blue Adkins is also known as Adele is a British singer and songwriter. She's one of the most popular and successful pop stars of the 21st century. Do you know anyone that never heard of Adele or any of her songs? I bet you don't! Her popularity started to grow in 2006 when she graduated from "The BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology".

Did you know that Adele's career started basically by accident? She recorded a three-song demo for a class project and sent it to her friend. That friend listened to Adele's songs and thought it's great. That friend uploaded these songs to Myspace (a social networking website like Facebook or Instagram which was very popular back then). Just after a few days, Adele got a call from a music label XL Recordings. Guess what? Adele signed a contract with the label! I guess you know the rest of the story, as you are here to play the Adele Songs Quiz! Don't you?

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    • Did you know...
    • Adele's "21" album is the fourth biggest selling album in the UK?
    • Spice Girls were Adele's favorite music when she was a kid?
    • All of Adele's albums are named after her age when she wrote them?

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Info About The Quiz

The quiz consists of 14 questions. This means that you have to guess 14 song names that were sung by Adele. Each question will reveal four lines of lyrics and you have four answers to choose from, obviously only one is correct. If you are familiar with Adele's songs then this quiz shouldn't be that hard.... but who knows. Start the quiz to find out if it will be effortless for you. Don't forget to share your results on your social media! Good luck!

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