QUIZ: What Lil Peep Song Am I?

what lil peep song am I

Gustav Elijah “Lil Peep” Ahr is an American emo rapper. His short life was not wasted, as the talented artist invested much of his time writing songs and performing underground. What Lil Peep Song Am I? Take the quiz to find out. 

Who Is Lil Peep

Gustav Ahr was born to Liza and Karl Johan Ahr. During adolescence, Gustav reportedly suffered from anxiety which later contributed to his drug use. He recorded his first record following his parents’ official separation. At this time, he shared a home with Liza and his brother. 

His first record consisted of the following songs, “Garden,” “Mall Music,” “California Girls,” Romeo’s Regrets,” and “In the Bedroom I Confess.” Lil Peep was also a gifted instrumentalist. 

About His Songs

Lil Peep was an American rapper who helped revolutionize the genre. He became popular as a member of GothBoiClique, which created emo-rap music. Despite being so young, the rapper is credited with helping rejuvenate the emo-rap genre.


Lil Peep expresses himself clearly in “Hellboy.” His fans believe the lyrics convey a series of emotions and struggles. He spent much of his time away from home, performing underground. 

The rapper built up quite a following with his music. “Hellboy” is his way of sharing his personal struggles with his many fans. Which Lil Peep song are you? Take the quiz to find out.

Star Shopping

Star Shopping is one of the most recognized songs. Even though it is less than two and a half minutes, the song is deep. The song gave the rapper the chance to talk about his experience with Emma Harris, who is impatient. Lil Peep understands why Emma feels like this. His song is an attempt to let her know that he understands. During a live concert in October 2017, the rapper confessed to writing the song when he was high on heroin in his mother’s bedroom.

Awful Things

Awful Things helped make Lil Peep a household name. It was his 3rd most popular song. It reached the 79th position on the Billboard 100. It has been referred to as a “sing-along anthem.” Awful Things was featured in a music video that managed to get more than 200 million views.

Awful Things is about romance.

16 Lines

16 Lines is one of his most unique songs. It was released on the Come Over When You Are Sober album. Fans enjoyed this song because it was so emotional. When Lil Peep passed, the song felt like it had foretold his demise. It talks about his difficult life and drug abuse. 16 Lines is a great song for people going through tumultuous times.

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How The Quiz Works

How does our quiz work? We worked closely with long-time fans of Lil Peep’s music to create our quiz. It takes the participant’s answers to match them to one of the rapper’s top songs. We’re confident that you’ll like the song you receive. The questions are simple, and no identifiable information is required. Therefore, you can keep your answers and results private.

The quiz only takes a few minutes to complete. Once you’ve submitted the answers, you’ll receive your Lil Peep song within seconds.

Find Your Lil Peep Song

Even though the musician died young, he left behind a catalog of popular songs. Plus, he had an impact on people around the world. There is a good chance that you’ve fallen in love with some of his music. What Lil Peep song am I? If you’ve been asking this question, you’ve come to the right place. Our quiz is designed to match fans to Lil Peep songs.

It can match you to “Star Shopping,” “Awful Things,” “The Brightside,” and other hit songs from the rapper. Finish the quiz right now to find out which song best matches your personality.

Questions Preview

1. How do you usually express your emotions?
  1. Through creative outlets.
  2. By talking to friends.
  3. In solitude, I keep them to myself.
  4. Through physical activity.
2. Which best describes your approach to life's challenges?
  1. I reflect and learn from them.
  2. I push through with determination.
  3. I pour my emotions into art or music.
  4. I seek support from my loved ones.
3. What's your perspective on love?
  1. It's a beautiful, yet often painful, part of life.
  2. It's an intense and passionate emotion.
  3. It's complex and can lead to heartbreak.
  4. It's a source of hope and positivity.
4. How do you deal with heartbreak?
  1. I channel my feelings into creativity.
  2. I bounce back and move on quickly.
  3. I allow myself to feel the pain fully.
  4. I rely on friends for support.
5. What type of setting do you feel most connected with?
  1. A bustling city at night.
  2. A bustling city at night.
  3. A gritty, urban landscape.
  4. A quiet, moonlit forest.
6. Choose a word that resonates with you:
  1. Introspective.
  2. Resilient.
  3. Emotional.
  4. Optimistic.
7. What's your relationship with your past?
  1. I often reflect on it.
  2. I use it as a stepping stone for my future.
  3. It's a source of emotional depth for me.
  4. I tend to focus more on the present and future.
8. In a crowd, you are...
  1. The observant one.
  2. The energetic one.
  3. The emotional one.
  4. The optimistic one.
9. What does success mean to you?
  1. Finding inner peace and understanding.
  2. Achieving my ambitions.
  3. Being able to express my emotions freely.
  4. Seeing the positive side of life.
10. Choose a quote that resonates with you:
  1. "Art is to console those who are broken by life."
  2. "The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary."
  3. "The soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone."
  4. "Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement."
11. If you were to write a song, what would it be about?
  1. My internal thoughts and reflections.
  2. My journey towards success.
  3. My experiences with love and heartbreak.
  4. My hopeful view of the world.
12. How would your friends describe you?
  1. Deep and reflective.
  2. Ambitious and bold.
  3. Emotional and open.
  4. Positive and hopeful.
13. What type of books do you enjoy reading?
  1. Philosophical or introspective books.
  2. Motivational or self-help books.
  3. Romantic novels or poetry.
  4. Uplifting or inspiring stories.
14. Which season do you resonate with the most?
  1. Winter
  2. Summer
  3. Autumn
  4. Spring
15. When dealing with conflict, you typically...
  1. Reflect and try to understand the other point of view.
  2. Stand your ground and fight for your beliefs.
  3. Express your feelings openly and honestly.
  4. Look for the positive outcome and work towards it.


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