Am I A Serial Killer? QUIZ – Are You One?

am I a serial killer quiz

Serial killers are distinguished by many traits that deviate from the generally accepted norm. Play our fun Am I A Serial Killer Quiz to see if your personality traits are deceptively similar to those displayed by history’s greatest serial killers.

If, at times, you feel that something is wrong with you and one day, you could turn into a monstrous, brutal, and unpredictable murderer., then taking our test is highly recommended.

Could You Be A Serial Killer?

According to the definition by the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), a serial killer is a person who has killed at least three people in unrelated temporal episodes. Generally, such murders are committed in other places and have no connection to each other. Such psychopaths often have their so-called modus operandi, which is Latin for ‘way of doing things’ or ‘way of operating.’ This term in forensic science describes a serial killer’s characteristic and usually repetitive behavior.

What Are The Characteristics Of A Serial Killer?

Let’s now address the most characteristic personality traits that distinguish serial killers from ordinary people. Do you see something among them that deceptively resembles you?

The protagonists of the series “Criminal Minds” face the most degenerate criminals every day (we have a quiz about Criminal Minds, by the way!). However, what makes them who they are? There is no simple answer to this question, but there are several common traits and behaviors that can be observed in most of them.

Lack Of Empathy

A total lack of empathy distinguished most serial killers. Such miscreants do not find their behavior abhorrent, nor do they see anything strange in the suffering of others.

For example, one of the most famous serial killers in history, Ted Bundy, confessed to 30 murders, but the total number is unknown.

They Tend To Have High IQ

According to established norms, the average IQ ranges between 100 and 110, for those with an IQ of genius reach a skyrocketing score of 145 or more. You guessed it, the IQ of serial killers usually ranges between 110 and 145, which means they are hellishly intelligent. They most often act methodically (the aforementioned modus operandi) and look for the most sophisticated ways to kill their victims.

Childhood Traumas

Interestingly, the vast majority of these psychopathic killers had a rough childhood. These traumas are most often associated with alcohol abuse by parents or guardians, but not only. We can add molestation, beatings, or other pathological behavior to this. All this takes its toll on the human psyche and often creates a monster out of a person.

Animal Abuse

We have listened to hundreds of podcasts describing serial killers worldwide. A substantial proportion of them shares one common denominator. Namely, as children, they were fascinated by animal abuse. This is another and one of the most critical signals: children who torture or kill small animals without any qualms often become sociopaths (try our sociopath test) and serial killers.

Jeffrey Dahmer, also known as the Milwaukee Cannibal, is an excellent example of such a person. From early childhood, he was fascinated by animals. However, he was not like most normal children. Jeffrey was interested in corpses and checking what was inside. Eventually, he killed 17 young men and boys during his adult life. There is a great documentary series on Netflix about this psychopath. If you love this kind of climate, we heartily recommend delving into the topic.

Am I A Serial Killer Quiz – Are You Ready To Find The Truth?

Did you get goosebumps on your body after reading the above paragraphs? Do some of them deceptively resemble your personality traits? The final step to knowing the truth remains. Sit back and start the Am I A Serial Killer Quiz. Perhaps in just a short while, drops of sweat will start trickling down your forehead, and you will nervously begin to move your legs. Perhaps…

However, remember that our quiz is just for fun! Please do not take it with great seriousness, and regardless of the result, do not, under any circumstances, take the axe out of the basement! Have fun with it!



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