Which Sanrio Character Are You? 2023 Quiz

which Sanrio character are you
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Excited to discover which Sanrio character you are? The quiz located on this page is here to provide that answer! This quiz is an impeccable blend of fun and insight created by dedicated fans who’ve adored the Sanrio universe for years.

You’ll encounter several questions about your nature and choices before we reveal which beloved Sanrio character you most align with. These questions aim to draw similarities between you and the world of Sanrio characters. So, are you more of a Hello Kitty, My Melody, Badtz-Maru, or perhaps someone else entirely? Let’s find out!

Sanrio – A Peek Behind the Magic

For those who might not know, Sanrio is a Japanese company renowned for its iconic characters, most notably Hello Kitty. Established in 1960, it has consistently charmed the world with its myriad of adorable and relatable characters. Each Sanrio character has a unique background story, quirks, and personality traits that resonate with people of all ages worldwide.

The empire of Sanrio isn’t confined to just characters. Over the years, they’ve ventured into various mediums like movies, merchandise, theme parks, and more. Their universal appeal lies in the simplicity and the heartwarming narratives each character brings.

Furthermore, Sanrio believes in spreading happiness, friendship, and understanding through their characters. This philosophy is evident in fans’ deep connections with these characters, transcending beyond just the screen or merchandise. Now, let’s move on to the question – which Sanrio character are you?

Meet Some of Sanrio’s Stars

Sanrio’s universe is vast and varied. Let’s get to know some of the standout characters that have become household names over the years:

Hello Kitty 

The face of Sanrio! Hello Kitty, with her red bow and no mouth, symbolizes a kind-hearted girl who loves making new friends. She’s wholesome, a great friend, and is always there to brighten up your day.


Recognized by his mischievous grin, Badtz-Maru is the polar opposite of Hello Kitty. He’s cheeky, occasionally moody, and always ready for an adventure. If you’re someone who loves a dash of mischief in life, Badtz-Maru is your go-to.

My Melody 

Sweet and always optimistic, My Melody, with her iconic pink hood, epitomizes innocence. She finds joy in the little things and often reminds us of the brighter side of life.


A golden retriever with a laid-back demeanor, Pompompurin is all about enjoying life’s simple pleasures. If you’re someone who loves a relaxed day at home, this might just be your Sanrio spirit animal.

Little Twin Stars 

Kiki and Lala, the twins from the stars, add a magical touch to the Sanrio universe. Their dreamy and kind personalities inspire fans to believe in magic and always keep hope.

Taking The Sanrio Personality Quiz

Ready to find out which Sanrio character is your alter ego? The process is straightforward. You’ll be presented with a range of questions about your personality traits, preferences, and more. Based on your answers, the quiz will then align your responses with a Sanrio character that best reflects you.

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So, which Sanrio character are you? It’s time to unveil the fun side of your personality. Let the quiz begin!



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