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what is my totem animal

Have you ever heard of totem animals or wondered what they are and how you could find yours? We’ll try to explain what these animals are and help you understand how you could find yours. Ultimately, you’ll take a chance to complete the “what is my totem animal?” quiz.

To begin with, totem animals or totemism has its prominence in the Native American traditions. The animals are believed to have a significant spiritual meaning, with each person being associated with at least nine animals. Each of these animals has a powerful spiritual meaning. According to Native American traditions, each of these animals is designed as a spiritual guide while at the same time unveiling the true meaning of self and a considerable amount of self-discovery.

What’s A Totem Animal?

Totem animals are animal spirit guides and are believed to stay with us for life, both in the spiritual and physical world. There are different animals both in the air and on dry land, and each of these different categories has its distinct meanings. As such, it’s good to know and understand both land and air animal totem meanings as a way of identifying their impact on your life. We all have a special connection and bond with totem animals through dreams, characteristics, interests, and other interactions. Totems can be symbolized as talismans, totem poles, jewelry, statues, and emblems.

The origin of totem beliefs can be traced from the idea that, as humans, we have a spiritual relationship or kinship with spirit animals. As such, totems serve as the symbol of a family, clan, tribe, or individual. As part of these beliefs, clan members aren’t allowed to eat or kill their totemic animals.

When it comes to identifying your totem animal, you may discover that your feelings are more drawn to a powerful animal or find yourself feeling closer to certain members of the animal kingdom. As such, your animal guide offers a specific quality that helps you find the way through life with much ease, confidence, and faith. You can know what animal represents you best or the messages different animals are trying to send your way by first understanding the animals and their meaning.

How To Discover Your Totem Animal

There are several techniques you can use to help you discover your spirit animal. However, it’s worth noting that finding your totem animal doesn’t require a lot of work but offers an essential step toward your all-around spirituality, self-acceptance, and grounding. You can do some things to engage with your specific totem animal, and being open-minded is very important. That said, it’s good to note that your animal totem can change based on where you are at different stages of life. With that in mind, here’s how you can find your animal totem:

Observe Your Animal Encounters

If you look at your life, you may notice that you’ve encountered specific animals through different avenues. These encounters can help point you toward your animal totem. It could be animals you frequently see near your home or in the wild. Animal attacks could also indicate that your animal is putting you on a test to see how you can handle its energies. Such could come as a guide for you to find your spirit animal.

Spend Time In Nature

You can also find your animal totem by getting out for a walk and watching animals around you. The wild offers deeper connections; your spirit animal will be revealed as you focus on your intentions. Take time away from the busy world of technology and focus more on the earth. Don’t ignore birds, insects, and aquatic animals, as these could also be your animal totems.

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Study Animals That Interest You

If you have frequent dreams about specific animals or had an interest in them as a child, then it could be a way of drawing you toward your totem animal. We are more pulled towards our totem animals, which can be identified through interest or even fear associated with them. If this is the case with you, spend some time researching these animals’ characteristics and symbolism.

Pay Attention To Your Frequent Dreams

It’d be essential to identify animals that show up in your dreams. Your dreams are closely linked to your waking life, so you should focus on any particular animals that keep showing up. Every time you have an animal appear in your dream, take note and write it down as you research its quality and characteristics.

What Is My Totem Animal? – Conclusion

In addition, you could also take time to meditate and call forth your animal, take note of the animals you’re afraid of, or even take a “what is my totem animal?” quiz. These are some of the best ways to find your totem animals and connect with them more closely. This journey is essential as it helps you find your true path and stretch yourself for personal growth.



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