What Would Be Your Divergent Faction? QUIZ

divergent faction quiz

Divergent is a series set in a post-apocalyptic reality. The film, which was made in 2014, is an adaptation of the novel by Veronica Roth of the same name. The film brings us a rather interesting vision of the near future, in which wars have completely destroyed the world. The survivors took refuge in a fledgling metropolis built on the ruins of Chicago. In the world of the future, people are divided into five categories, hereinafter referred to as factions. Selection aimed at selecting individual personality types in order to build an ideal society using them. In today's Divergent faction quiz, you will find out which faction you would belong to if you were to live in this post-apocalyptic world.

As in the Divergent itself, our test will consist of checking your predispositions. It will define your affiliation with one of five groups, namely Abnegation (selfless), Erudite (intellectual), Dauntless (brave), Candor (honest), or Amity (peaceful).

Although that this is not an official Divergent Faction quiz, we have made every effort to ensure that it is as close to the original as possible.

Which 'Divergent' Faction Are You?

Before you proceed to answer the questions, please read the individual factions featured in Divergent. A lot of interesting information awaits, including how individual people are matched to a given faction and what personality type you need to have to join a given faction.

What is the system about? Upon reaching the age of majority, each resident must undergo a test that will determine which personality traits they have the most - selflessness, intelligence, kindness, courage, or honesty. The test result indicates the selection of the best fraction for a given person in which he remains and develops for the rest of his life.

5 Factions in Divergent

Incompatible (Altruism (disinterestedness), Fearlessness (courage), Erudition (intelligence), Righteousness (honesty), Kindness (kindness) are the five factions into which the society is divided.

One who combines the character traits of several factions is incompatible - and must be eliminated...

Abnegation (selfless)

Abnegation was created by those who blamed the selfishness of human nature for their mistakes. The idea of this faction is a selfless action and the elimination of selfishness. People belonging to this faction should be calm and patient. Moreover, they are forced to give up living in vanity and give up fully.

Erudite (intellectual)

People belonging to this faction, the Eurudits, condemn ignorance - they define it as a lack of knowledge that will lead to conflicts. The symbol of this faction is a single blue eye. Members value intelligence and wisdom above others. They focus their lives on the pursuit of knowledge.

Dauntless (brave)

Dauntless is a faction committed to courage, strength, and fearlessness. People belonging to this group are characterized by self-confidence, physical strength, and a strong psyche. The main assumption of this faction is freedom from fear, elimination of fear by performing more and more reckless deeds.

Amity (peaceful)

This faction gathered people who are peaceful, kind, trusting, self-sufficient, and neutral. It symbolizes happiness and freedom from conflict. Amity members value peace and kindness. According to them, conflicts and hatred are the main problems of the world. They believe that the collapse of society was due to violence.

Candor (honest)

This faction, in turn, believed that the flaws of human nature stemmed from duplicity and deception. Members of this group value honesty and truthfulness. Fairness and credibility are fundamental to them.

Divergent Faction Quiz - How to Play?

The novel 'Divergent,' as well as its movie adaptation, carries an amazing message. We made sure that our quiz also left some thoughts behind. It shows that man is too complex being to be pigeonholed. Certainly, "Divergent" has taken place in your heart. So we couldn't disappoint the expectations of many fans, hence this Divergent faction quiz. Answer a few questions, and we will try to match the faction to your personality.

Be careful. There are chances you will be incompatible...

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