QUIZ: What Podcast Should I Listen To?

what podcast should I listen to quiz

In recent years, podcasts have grown in popularity. Podcasts are great because they usually don’t require your full attention. Even if you’re doing chores or driving to work, you can listen to your favorite podcast without missing any important details. What podcast should I listen to? The quiz can help you find a podcast that you’re going to love listening to during your daily drives.

The podcast market is overloaded with options. Some people enjoy listening to podcasts about true events, while others prefer comedic podcasts. Finding the right one for you can be difficult unless you complete the test.

Growing Podcast Popularity

Podcasts are popular around the world. Many are created by the world’s top celebrities who talk about many subjects, including Hollywood, economics, true crime, and sports. People love listening to podcasts because they’re more convenient than videos. It is always fun to listen to a podcast when you’re washing the dishes or driving to work.

Since the selection is so diverse, there is something for everyone. There are also self-help podcasts that teach people how to handle anxiety and other issues. It is estimated that podcasts have more than 460 million listeners around the world.

By the end of 2024, there will be more than 504 million listeners. Many people question, “What podcast should I listen to?” The quiz will use your answers to find the right podcast for you. If your opinion changes in a few days, you can take the quiz again to find another podcast that you’ll love.

Different Podcast Types

Truthfully, there are countless types of podcasts, making it possible for everyone to find something that they’ll enjoy. Some podcasts focus on horror movies, while others try to teach people to be financially responsible. It is essential to experiment with several podcasts until you find what works well for you.

Are you a music enthusiast eager to explore new sounds? Our Music Taste Test will lead you to podcasts that match your preferred genres and artists.


First, many people enjoy listening to comedy podcasts. As the title suggests, these podcasts are created to make the viewer laugh. The genre can feature various types of content. Some have stand-up routines, while others have interviews with leading comedians. When someone is down in the dumps, listening to a comedy podcast can help them cope.

Dramatic Podcasts

Drama podcasts are popular because they sometimes focus on real events. Alternatively, the creator may tell a fictional story that they’ve written in advance. The story may span over several episodes to ensure that the viewer tunes in each week. True crime posts would sometimes fit into this group, but they may also be investigative journalism podcasts.

Game Shows

Game show podcasts are loved because listeners get to join in on the fun. Each podcast is different, with some of them hosting trivia games for their fans. Others have unique challenges and word games. Either way, the listener can play along with the contestants on the podcast.


Individuals struggling with their weight or a specific health issue should begin listening to health and fitness podcasts. Health podcasts can teach people how to lose weight, eat healthier, or exercise safely. These podcasts can improve your life if you follow the advice that is provided.

Find A Podcast You’ll Love

Before listening to a podcast, you should make sure that you’re going to pick one that you’ll enjoy. Once you’ve questioned, “What podcast should I listen to” you should complete the quiz on this page. The test will ask simple questions about your listening preferences. Then, the answers will be formulated to determine which podcast you’re going to enjoy the most.

Don’t waste time listening to podcasts you’re going to hate. Take the test to find the best podcast for your personality and preferences.



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