Am I Demisexual Quiz – 15 In-Depth Questions

am I demisexual quiz

Nowadays, when it has become very fashionable to categorize virtually anything, there are many new “categories” of sexuality. It also involves a growing understanding of emotional gender, relationships, and human relationships. Psychologists research new and new sexual behaviors and give them a specific framework. Demisexuality is another psychosexual orientation that relies on feeling sexually attracted only if a strong emotional bond is established. Wondering if you might be demisexual? The ‘am I demisexual quiz’ can help you with this. There are indeed no scientific ways to check whether a person is demisexual so far, but a few honest answers to a few simple questions in our quiz is enough.

What Is Demisexuality?

As we mentioned above, demisexuality is the feeling of sex drive only when you have a strong emotional bond. This means that a demisexual person needs a lot of time to build a foundation for a sense of closeness to feel any desire for physical proximity. It is worth adding that demisexuality is a relatively new concept.

As for the differences between demisexuality and other sexual orientations, first of all, it can be concluded that a demisexual person is partly asexual and sexual. This is because emotions come to the fore in demisexuals. Physical love and the desire related to it are in the background if it comes to it.

Some may confuse demisexuality for asexuality because they do not feel physically attracted to the person they regularly meet. However, you have to be patient, a strong emotional bond first, then body intimacy.

Also, demisexuality cannot be confused with pansexuality, where, admittedly, there is also an interest in a person, regardless of gender. However, pansexuals, at the beginning of a relationship, can pay attention to the other person’s corporeality. For demisexuals, this only happens when a strong emotional bond develops between the demisexual and their partner.

Demisexuality can affect any of us, regardless of our sexual preferences. This is because it is an emotional phenomenon that has been known for many years, but until recently, it had no name. Many people have certain priorities and are guided by their own moral values, waiting with physical proximity until a certain point.

Demisexuality And The Gender Of The Partner

Demisexuals’ gender issues are relegated to the background – it is not a major issue for a demisexual. A demisexual person can form a successful relationship with a person of the same sex and the opposite sex. For such a person, the most important thing is the feeling of emotional attraction to another person. In such relationships, the time needed to build trust, friendship, and love on an emotional level is significant.

Demisexuality can also be perceived as a way of looking at another person, where the most important and attractive are their character traits, lifestyle, etc. Beauty, physicality, and other external features take a back seat.

Am I Demisexual Quiz – How To Play?

If you are still wondering whether demisexuality could be your psychosexual orientation, then our quiz would be a perfect choice. There are currently no scientific ways to “measure” demisexuality, but a few honest answers to a few simple questions are enough. Your answers may indicate that demisexuality is a category that can or may not be defined for you. The ‘am I demisexual quiz’ contains 15 questions.



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