Fact or Myth Quiz: Can You Guess If These Sentences Are True or False?


True or false? Fact, myth, or urban legend? Do you consider yourself a smart person? You can test your knowledge about different fields of life in this trivia quiz. Let's find out if you have been thinking wrong for your whole life!

The Fact or Myth Quiz contains 10 questions. Your task is very simple - guess if each subject is true or false. Some of them will shock you, especially #8. This quiz will teach you many interesting things which you didn't know for sure.

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Read the quiz rules before you start it

If your answer is correct, then you will see an explanation about the fact/myth. If an incorrect answer is given, then you won't be able to see the explanation. It is better to take this quiz a few times in order to learn interesting facts about myths and facts! You can always try to score 10/10! Good luck!

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