Highly Sensitive Person Test – Are You One?

highly sensitive person test

Do you believe that you could be a highly sensitive person or an HSP? By taking the highly sensitive person test, you can receive an answer in seconds. Some people fit into this category. It means that they have an increased sensitivity to certain stimuli. In some cases, this is referred to as being sensory processing sensitive.

Although this can create some problems, it may offer certain benefits as well. It can easily be described as a double-edged sword. Before taking the test on this page, learn more about what it means to be highly sensitive.

What Is A Highly Sensitive Person?

HSP or highly sensitive person is someone who has increased sensitivity to certain stimuli. They may be triggered by physical, social, or emotional factors. You’re impacted more by certain things than other people. Sometimes, the patient will experience a reaction due to certain facial expressions or voices.

It is hard to know what causes a person to be highly sensitive. It is believed that it might have something to do with genetics. Some gene variants may be associated with this condition. On top of this, the environments you encounter during your early childhood can determine whether you’re going to be highly sensitive.

The condition may also be called neuroticism and inhibitedness.

Signs You’re A Highly Sensitive Person

Besides taking the highly sensitive person test on this page, you can compare your symptoms to those commonly experienced by these people. Some of the signs will be explored in more depth below.

Keep in mind that HSP is not the same as being an empath. If you’re having trouble distinguishing between the two concepts, try our Empath Quiz.

You Hate Cruelty And Violence

Most people despise cruelty and violence. However, a highly sensitive person will abhor these things. When they’re exposed to violence, you may become upset to your stomach. You won’t be able to watch movies and television shows that depict violent acts. You will also have trouble reading about animal cruelty.

You Become Exhausted By Other People’s Emotions

Highly sensitive people tend to experience the emotions of other people. In some senses, you’re going to absorb their emotions. If you notice that your friend is angry, there is a good chance that you’ll feel it too. You may become upset and sad. As you absorb these emotions, you’re going to become exhausted.

Time Pressures Are Overwhelming

You’re going to have problems dealing with time pressures. When you’re doing a time quiz, you’re going to be overwhelmed by the thought of getting it done in time. You’ll also feel pressure trying to meet deadlines in your professional life. Most people feel pressure when trying to meet deadlines. However, highly sensitive people will struggle to remain focused.

You’re Withdrawn

You may also notice that you’re becoming withdrawn more frequently. You’ll find that you need more downtime, and you’ll prefer being by yourself. You’ll want to lock yourself in your room and stay there. It is common for highly sensitive people to do this because they can’t tolerate loud noises and flashing lights. They prefer being in quiet, calm rooms. You could also try our introvert vs. extrovert quiz.

You’re Jumping A Lot

Since you’re highly sensitive, you’re going to react to things differently than others. In particular, you’re going to overreact often. Your “startle reflex” is higher than that of normal people. You may become startled too easily because you’re highly sensitive.

Are You A Highly Sensitive Person?

You can find out if you’re an HSP by completing the highly sensitive person test. The test is straightforward and simple so that you can receive an answer in minutes. Just remember that the quiz is not a suitable substitute for medical advice from a professional.

If the test confirms that you’re an HSP, it may be a good idea to speak to a medical professional in your city.



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