QUIZ: Do I Have a Mood Disorder?

mood disorder quiz

There are several forms of mood disorders, with the main type being bipolar disorder. Mental health is a complicated field, as cases are oftentimes very complex. Of course, experienced psychiatrists are accustomed to dealing with the mentally ill. Do you have a mood disorder? Take the quiz to find out.

‘The Silent Killer’

Contrary to belief, mental health disorders are not always apparent. In fact, many victims are left to their own devices. In other words, they suffer in silence. Mood disorders do not discriminate!

It goes without saying some people are not aware of their poor mental health status. They are so accustomed to their condition that it feels normal. To them, it is a normal way of living. 

Mood Disorder Symptoms

Do you have a mood disorder? The quiz can help, but first ask yourself if you have any of the following symptoms:

Hopelessness – A common sign of major depression, bipolar disorder, and dysthymia is hopelessness. The symptom may stick around long-term or appear periodically. 

Low Self-Esteem – Connecting low self-esteem to mood disorders is a bit tricky. The symptom alone is not enough to diagnose someone with a type of mood disorder. It should be accompanied by other lingering symptoms.

Excessive Guilt – Victims of mood disorders do not always have a reason to feel guilty. It is just a feeling that sticks and refuses to go away. Unfortunately, the best parent, most brilliant student, most successful entrepreneur, and proficiently skilled technician can have excessive guilt.

Difficulty Sleeping – The inability to sleep is bad enough. When it is combined with other mood disorder symptoms, things are guaranteed to get worse.

Different Types Of Mood Disorders

It should be noted that patients may suffer from an array of mood disorders. Some of the most common types include major depression, bipolar disorder, and substance-induced mood disorder.

Although each type is similar, they’re different in numerous ways. Read more about the various mood disorders below.

Major Depression

Major depression is one of the most common mood disorders. It impacts millions of people around the world. Many people experience depression, but the symptoms usually pass within weeks. If the symptoms linger for two weeks or longer, you may have major depression. You’ll lose interest in hobbies and normal activities. You may also feel sad and hopeless.

Bipolar Disorder

In some ways, bipolar disorder is worse than depression. However, it incorporates symptoms of depression. The primary difference is that the patient is also going to experience bouts of mania. Usually, the symptoms randomly change from depression to elation. By addressing this issue, you can live a fulfilling life even if you have bipolar disorder.

Substance-Induced Mood Disorder

The patient may also experience a substance-induced mood disorder. As the name suggests, the patient has depression due to the medications they’re taking. You might be depressed because you’re abusing drugs or drinking too much. Alternatively, you may have been exposed to toxins that cause depression.

Find Your Mood Disorder

Are you concerned that you may have a mood disorder? Unfortunately, you might have a problem without realizing it. People with mood disorders are often unable to detect the problem on their own. Visiting a medical professional may be essential.

Nevertheless, you can also complete our quiz. Do you have a mood disorder? The quiz will help determine whether you do. The quiz asks simple questions to learn more about your mindset. Then, the results will be compiled and tabulated to determine whether you have a mood disorder.

It may still be a good idea to seek medical assistance because you may need to take medication to treat the condition. Regardless, taking the test is a good starting point.



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