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what type of person am I quiz

Would you like to find out what kind of personality you have? Then you’ve come to the perfect place! If you have been asking yourself – what type of person am I? – our quiz is the right solution.

Do you have moments when you think you don’t fit into a particular group of people? Or do you find it quite challenging to find yourself in a job that seems to be your dream? Did you know that a significant influence on all of this is the kind of personality you have? Not everyone will find the role of a CEO when their character leans more towards the role of a librarian. 

What’s The Test About? How Does It Work?

To begin with, we will explain what exactly a personality is. Each individual has more than a dozen factors of an inner, psychological nature through which we can tell what kind of person he is. Each of these characteristics influences his thoughts, actions, and reactions to certain behaviors and emotions he feels. Also, thanks to all these elements we have mentioned, people differ significantly from each other and perceive the world and different situations quite differently. How boring it would be if we were all the same!

What Type Of Person Am I? Four Main Types

Thousands of years ago, the Greek physician and scientist – Hippocrates – divided people into four personality types. This was because he distinguished four fluids in the human body: blood, bile, mucus, and black bile. The predominance of one of these juices, in particular, according to Hippocrates, was indicative of a person’s temperament and disposition.

Thanks to this division, we distinguish:


People with this nature will be extroverts in the main. They will not be discouraged by any adversity or problems because they have a positive attitude toward the world around them. Everyone is happy to spend time with them because of their openness in contact with other people. Another essential characteristic of a sanguinarian is the proverbial “Carpe diem.” Such people live for the moment, with everything. They are very satisfied and grateful while highly chaotic.


Indeed, you have come across this type of person more than once! A choleric is usually very easy to recognize. This type of person is straightforward to bring out of balance. He then becomes violent, and sometimes you can hear curses from him. A choleric’s energy, prowess, and tenacity led him to relatively high career levels.


Someone with a melancholic personality is overly sensitive and loves to ponder for hours. Overwhelmingly, melancholics are introverts who feel comfortable alone in their company and are hard to take out anywhere. They experience every event very strongly, regardless of whether it is good or bad, so to some extent, they are characterized by their emotional instability. Melancholics are empathetic, but you must be careful not to offend them accidentally because they take criticism poorly.


This word is probably associated by most with only one type of people: dull and depressed. And this is not true at all! Phlegmatics are very likable, but it’s hard to notice because they don’t exude their feelings. Just like melancholics, phlegmatics are introverts. If they get used to something, convincing them of any changes is difficult. Instead, they are great observers and listeners, so they seem to be great material for the trust!

Don’t see yourself in any of the above types? Don’t worry! Our quiz contains a much larger number of personality types. No doubt the result will be adequate.


If you are still wondering, take this “What type of person am I?” quiz shortly! Finding the answer to this exciting question will make it much easier to find yourself in the world around you! Getting to know yourself plays a very important role in a person’s life! Answer the 15 questions, and you will find out what type of person you are closest to!



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