QUIZ: What Do I Want For Lunch? 100s of Dishes

what do I want for lunch

A new week is just starting, and you are looking for ideas on what you would like for lunch. There are millions of recipes, but you keep browsing through them and can’t decide on anything. There’s nothing easier for you than to answer some of the questions in this ‘What do I want for lunch?’ quiz! You’ll soon find out what you’re really in the mood for! I know that sometimes it’s hard to choose something of real value to eat, but take our word for it that we’ll prepare a shot at 10 for you! You, indeed, wouldn’t have devised such a tasty lunch idea on your own!

What Do I Want For Lunch? Take The Quiz

Let’s start with the fact that lunch can be anything! You can prepare a meal consisting of 3 main elements, i.e., potatoes, salad, and meat, or you can just prepare yourself porridge with vegetables.

Some people don’t like to stand in the kitchen and cook for too long, so they look for ways to reduce the preparation time of some dishes. A great idea, in this case, will be one-pot dishes. All you have to do is put all the ingredients in one pot, mix a little, and the food is ready. Such a lunch will be as nutritious and valuable as a traditional cutlet with potatoes and salad! Your task will only be to choose what you want to go for this time. Do you know what you want for lunch? If you still don’t, we’ll make it easier for you in a moment. In a moment, you’ll know whether you fancy pasta, millet groats, buckwheat, or something else entirely!

We also have something for fast-food fans! Did you know that you can make yourself a much healthier, homemade version of pizza for lunch? It will undoubtedly be much better than the one you may often order at home. You can add ingredients to it in the right amounts, the way you like them, and you won’t keep complaining that “there could be more cheese.” 

Homemade pizza also has another added benefit! If you are intolerant to certain nutrients, you can easily eliminate them and replace them with something else. Let’s put it this way: if you are lactose intolerant, you can use mozzarella instead of the usual yellow cheese, which will not make you uncomfortable right after eating. Lunch can also be a burger. All you have to do is fry your favorite meat, toast a bun, add vegetables, and you’re done! Do you already know what you would like for lunch? Because we’re already drooling at the thought!

If you’re one of the extremely busy people, then an excellent solution for lunch could be a salad! You won’t find a more straightforward idea! And in addition, you can use the ingredients that have been lingering in your refrigerator for too long. Depending on your mood, it can be a vegetarian salad, with fish, or simply with chicken. If you decide to go vegetarian, a great flavor for the whole salad can be enhanced by tofu or baked halloumi cheese. However, we suggest eating the fish salad at home, because as a lunch for work, it will not always work well. Sometimes, co-workers may not like the smell of salmon or tuna, and don’t forget that it is very intense!

Are you still asking yourself – what do I want for lunch?

We also have something for people who are fond of sweets! The ideal solution for lunch can be pancakes or muffins, which are also not particularly time-consuming. If, in addition, you have an appliance that will help you knead the dough, then your task will only be to set the oven to the right temperature! As you can still buy fresh, seasonal fruits at your place, it will also be a delicious idea to make a cake. Just have a few plums, strawberries, raspberries, or blueberries, and you will make a delicious cake! Do you already know what you would like to eat for lunch? All you need is an hour of your time, and you’ll enjoy the taste for days!

We have given you some suggestions that you can make for lunch. Are any of the ideas particularly memorable to you? If not, we’ll help you decide right away! Answer a few questions, and you’ll know what you’ll have for lunch! Will it be a dish of a more vegetarian style, but will a healthier variety of burgers win out? Do not wait any longer and go to the questions! Everything will become apparent in no time!



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