QUIZ: Are You Brave? Let’s Check It!

are you brave quiz

Are you brave? Are you not afraid of any dangers lurking around the corner? Do you think that nothing can scare you? Listen: You need to be brave enough to start this quiz! If you can dare, you will have to answer a few questions after clicking the “Start” button. Once you have answered each of them, you will be told whether you are brave or not at the end of this quiz!

Are You Brave?

What is courage? When defining it, we can say that a brave person is one who is not afraid of any danger. The attitude of such a person to all difficulties is bold and unprecedented. But let’s consider whether courage is the lack of fear of anything.

We can understand courage in many ways, and each person will have a different definition. For some, it may be brave that they went out with a beautiful girl on a date. For others, it may be the courage to admit guilt. So courage has many facets. We also have to distinguish between courage and rashness or heroism. The former has nothing to do with courage but rather with recklessness, the willingness to show off in front of others. Heroism is something that requires courage bravery, or it is just an attitude that is appropriate for a hero.

What Are Some Examples Of Bravery?

Bravery is:

  • Looking people in the eye
  • Being yourself
  • Making friends
  • Making difficult decisions
  • Telling the truth

Bravery is simple but paradoxical. Most people are afraid of the opinions of others, what they will say about us, what they think about us. Therefore, not always (or rather very rarely) are able to behave courageously towards other people. People fear what other people think of them if it is negative. So, we can boldly call ourselves courage. Consistency in being who you want to be without cheating and pretending to be someone you are not.

People are very often afraid of changes, and they are afraid of what will happen. This is how we are constructed, although many people are not inhibited. It all depends on the character and upbringing. Parents code certain behaviors in us from an early age and show us which behaviors are “wrong” or “inappropriate.” When it really is, we, in our adult life, should evaluate what is right and what is wrong.

Another interesting example of bravery is a job that saves lives. It is a big sign of being brave. Not every person would decide to become a firefighter or a doctor. Have you ever thought about becoming a doctor?

In summary, bravery is a very broad word that is different for each person. Each person defines courage in his own way. Even though bravado or audacity is synonymous with bravery, we cannot agree that it is the same.

Quiz Explanation

If you consider yourself a brave person and you think that you are not afraid of any changes, maybe you should think about a car that will be your reflection. Then you can check what car you should buy.

Our “Are you brave?” quiz contains 15 questions about you. The questions will also be about how you will behave in a given situation. Once you have successfully answered each of them, you will be redirected to the final page of the quiz, where you will find out if you are brave. Remember that bravery is not only about facing your opponents but also about everyday life situations. Start the quiz, hero!



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