Dumb Test: How Dumb Are You?

dumb test

Everyone questions their intelligence from time to time. It could be something as simple as a crossword puzzle or as complex as a college exam that brings it about. Intelligence can be the difference between succeeding and failing. For most people, the latter is not an option. Am I dumb, a question that has probably crossed your mind at least once. 

Contrary to belief, being dumb is not always a disadvantage. Fortunately, some people can overcome the odds but not everyone. Imagine this scenario; you are faced with the biggest hypothetical or conjectural obstacle of your lifetime. Now, you must question your intelligence. 

Measuring IQ

It is not unusual for people to believe the IQ test is the most accurate way to measure intelligence. While it does measure intelligence, it may not work well for everyone. The test measures the intellectual capabilities of an individual compared to that of previous test takers.

The Intelligence Quotient (IQ) test should honestly be thought of as how well an individual understands the world around them, along with hidden talents or abilities that have gone unnoticed. With the highest possible outcome being 145 and the lowest score a possible 61, most test takers aim for the middle ground.

Exceptional Ability To Retain Knowledge

Being able to answer academic-based questions or recalling important data off the top of one’s head has become the ideal example of an educated individual. Someone that has taken on the personal pursuit of independent educational activities, such as reading, watching documentaries, and attending additional courses, will certainly have a jump on someone that hasn’t. However, this honestly just represents the ability to retain and recall educational material.

Am I dumb? The answer is at the end of the test.

Problem-Solving Skills

Solving problems while keeping a good and steady head is not something everyone can do. Many would contribute this skill to an intelligent individual, and that might be true in some regard. Problem solvers are oftentimes the people that like difficult situations. The pressure that comes along with stressful situations often provides the motivation that such people need to push forward. 

Being proficient in cryobiology will not earn you the same title in clinical pathology, hydrodynamics, or theoretical chemistry. Generally, intelligence is limited to one academic discipline.

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The Creative Factor

It has been proven that the brain is split into two hemispheres, not unlike the earth. The brain, however, is split into the left and right hemispheres. It has often been suggested that more artistic and creative types tap into the left side of the brain, whereas intellectuals rely more on the right side.

Individuals with more artistic capabilities are more prone to spending time in nature as well. Once again, things get tricky when you factor in business or professional ventures. Just because someone excels in solving mathematical equations does not mean they will be a genius at scientific equations. 

Take The Test

The Am I dumb test can be a bit tricky. Not tricky in the sense of trickery but more on the lines of susceptibility. In other words, the end result may not be satisfactory for everyone. People who are vulnerable right from the get-go are at the highest risk. For example, a victim of bullying should think twice about taking the quiz. Remember, it is not for everyone, but as long as you are open-minded, the results will have little to no impact on your psyche. 

Am I dumb? The quiz can take the guesswork out of it. Do not put too much emphasis on the results. Instead, answer each question to the best of your ability and, most importantly, have fun.



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