Am I Racist? Take Our Quiz to Find Out

am I racist quiz

Do you consider yourself a racist? Do you even know what racism is? Do you think someone else’s skin color is an essential aspect of their appearance? Do you have friends from other racial groups? Am I Racist? This is a question we will help you explore. With a series of carefully constructed questions in this quiz, you’ll gain insights into your behaviors and attitudes toward race. We’re going to test your kind of thinking about other ethnicities.

You probably wonder what racism is all about. We’re already in a hurry with an explanation.

What Is Racism?

The central premise of racism is that none of the races is equal. One of the races must be the dominant one, while the others are “worse” or “weaker.” Racists make such an assumption. This is called racial discrimination.

There are many forms of racism. When the internet was just crawling, many scientists claimed that there would not be as much racism on the internet as in the real world. What does it look like now? Let’s not kid ourselves; according to the Psychological Science Agenda “Online racial discrimination: A growing problem for adolescents” by Brendesha M. Tynes, over 60% of people have ever encountered racial discrimination online. Let’s focus on one of the types of racism on the internet: memes, jokes, and pictures.

Nowadays, when the internet has become widespread, there are a lot of references to racism. Funny slogans or memes about other skin colors appear on the internet every day. Can we treat it as racism? You can’t deny that it’s some form of it, but do people posting such information or pictures realize what they are doing? And if they were to face racism in the real world, would they behave just like on the internet? 

These manifestations of internet racism are often created for humorous purposes. People not only laugh at other skin colors but also at anything else that is currently “popular” or “funny.” Very often, these are minors who are not even aware of what racism really is. So should we condemn such behavior on the internet? Everyone should ask themselves this question.

Am I Racist? It’s Time To Find Out

It would be nice if you found out that you don’t have any racist biases. Racist behavior is widely condemned by society. Most racists are toxic people. Besides this quiz, it would also be a good idea to check if you are not toxic.

Start the quiz, answer all the questions, and we will be able to tell you if you are a racist or not. The quiz contains 15 questions that will relate to your opinion on a given situation or behavior. After completing the racism test, you will find out which group you belong to. Are you ready to know the truth about yourself? Are you racist or not? Start the test and find out!



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