Can You Ace This Tough Colors Quiz?

colors quiz

How many colors are you able to name? Do you think you can distinguish all colors? Maybe you suffer from color blindness? After completing this Colors Quiz you will be able to answer these questions! We will check your knowledge about various colors and their combinations. If you're pretty sure that you know literally every known color, you may be shocked after taking this quiz.

What Exactly Is Color?

The sun's rays, which are called "white light", contain every color we can see. Everything we see has the ability to absorb and reflect specific sun rays. Color is a physical phenomenon. It is our brain that interprets the waves in such a way that we are able to see a specific color. For example, the color of objects will be perceived differently by our brain if we observe it in daylight or artificial light.

Each color is created by mixing three basic colors, i.e. red, yellow, and blue (RGB). From these three colors, we are able to create so-called derived colors:

  • red + yellow = orange
  • red + blue = purple
  • blue + yellow = green

We already have 6 colors. Combining primary colors with derivatives we will get complementary colors. E.g:

  • yellow + purple
  • blue + orange
  • green + red
RGB Color Wheel

Colors are also divided into hot (warm) and cold:

  • warm are those that have a particle of red, yellow, and orange in them, which is what we associate with warmth. It is the sun that you read about earlier that contains these colors.
  • cold colors are those that have green, blue, and purple particles in them. We associate them with something reassuring.

If colors are a piece of cake for you, maybe you would like to take a quiz to test your general knowledge.

Colors Quiz - How To Play?

Now you already know the definition of color, how it is created, and how we divide them. Now it's time for a short test. The colors quiz contains 12 questions. Each quiz question will present a given color, and your task will be to guess its name. Isn't that simple? Do you think you can name at least a dozen colors? Start the quiz and see yourself! Good luck!



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