Colors Quiz: Can You Name These 15 Colors?

colors quiz

Think you’ve got a rainbow of color knowledge? Can you distinguish the entire spectrum of shades, tints, and hues? Or do you suspect a bout of color blindness? Dive into our Colors Quiz, and put your color-discerning skills to the test!

We’ll challenge you with a kaleidoscope of colors and their intriguing combinations. If you’ve always considered yourself a color connoisseur, this quiz might just make you rethink. Sharpen your pencils, and get ready to get into the vibrant world of colors!

What Exactly Is Color?

Color, in essence, is a fascinating interplay of physics and perception. It’s our brain, the master artist, that translates the rhythmic waves into the myriad of colors we perceive. Just think about it – the shade of your favorite object might seem different under the crisp morning sunlight compared to the soft glow of an evening lamp. So, as we journey from daylight into the hush of the night, our perception of color subtly shifts, creating a mesmerizing, ever-changing canvas right before our eyes.

Each color is created by mixing three basic colors, i.e., red, yellow, and blue (RGB). From these three colors, we are able to create so-called derived colors:

  • red + yellow = orange
  • red + blue = purple
  • blue + yellow = green

This way, we already have six colors. Combining primary colors with derivatives, we will get complementary colors. E.g.:

  • yellow + purple
  • blue + orange
  • green + red
RGB Color Wheel

Colors are also divided into hot (warm) and cold:

  • Warm are those with a particle of red, yellow, and orange in them, which we associate with warmth. It is the sun that you read about earlier that contains these colors.
  • Cold colors are those that have green, blue, and purple particles in them. We associate them with something reassuring.

Are you game for a challenge that’s more than just a color palette? Test your general knowledge with our exciting quiz. Let’s see how you stack up!

How To Play?

Ready to take a colorful journey? It’s time to put your knowledge to the ultimate test with our exciting Colors Quiz! With a rainbow of 15 vibrant questions, you’ll be tasked with identifying the name of each displayed color. Sounds like a breeze, right?

But can you really distinguish between cerulean and cyan or between fuchsia and magenta? This quiz is not only fun, but it’s also a fantastic way to learn more about the world of colors. Your technicolor adventure starts now!



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