QUIZ: Does He Like Me? We Will Dispel Your Doubts!

does he like me quiz

Everything About Does He Like Me Quiz

You may find yourself in a dilemma when a boy you like is giving you mixed signals. He might be interested in you or just is somewhat inclined to know more about you. On one hand, you may find him caring for you and trying to spend some time with you. Does he like me quiz is the perfect one for you to check if your crush is really into you.

However on the other hand you might at times feel that he does not care that much for you. Either way, it is worse to not know anything. To come out of this dilemma, you should take does he like me quiz. This might help you to get an idea about his true feelings and interpret his signs better.

When Should You Take This Quiz?

You should take this quiz if you have met a guy and have a soft corner for him and find him reciprocating your feelings. If you are getting the following signals then think about taking the does he like me quiz.

He treats you differently than others

If he is treating you differently then you have a special place in his heart. For instance, if he loves to talk a lot and is a social bird but around you, he is quiet and shy then there is a strong chance that he has a soft corner for you. However, if he flirts with everyone and with you too then you might be normal for him. To clear such doubts you should take the does he like me quiz.

He is trying to spend time with you

If a guy is always busy then take the hint that he is not keeping you high on his priority list. However, if he is going out of his way to find out time for you then this is also a sign that he is interested in you, and spending time with you makes his day.

He shows genuine interest in what you have to say

If a guy genuinely wants to understand your point of view and always keenly listens to you then this is also a sign that he is interested in you. If he likes your opinions, appreciates your sense of humor then he might be developing some fascination towards you. One of the strong indications of this is that he remembers whatever you say. If he likes you then he might also want to know everything about you and your past.

He laughs when he is with you

Laughter is directly associated with feeling good. If he is laughing a lot when he is around you then it is a sign that he is feeling very good. He might even try to make you laugh and share the positive vibe. If he tries to be funny around you and cracks jokes to make you laugh then this is a sign that he likes you.

He does not talk about other women

If he does not talk about other women in front of you then this is a clear signal that he does not want to screw his chance to impress you. If he is mentioning his ex-girlfriends too much in front of you then this might be a sign that he is not serious about you. A man who is interested in you will like to know and talk about you more.

He tries to get close to you

If a guy is really into you then he will find chances to get close to you. He may lean his body towards you when you are showing him something on your phone. He will try to help you with your jacket. However, you need to watch out for players. If a boy is genuinely into you he will look for signs to get close to you.

Quiz Questions And Their Purpose

In does he like me quiz you will have to answer some questions to know what are the chances that a guy is really into you. These questions mostly come in the multiple-choice form and based on your choices the quiz presents the likelihood that a boy likes you. Find out what questions this quiz may contain:

What is the age difference?

You must be thinking that love is blind and age plays no role in love matters. Well, this is true to some extent there is no lie in the fact that age difference plays an important role in love matters. Opinions are similar to most things when the age difference is less. Also, people with less age difference can make good decisions together. However, it does not mean that couples with a large age difference are not compatible. It is just one of the parameters which check the likelihood of a successful relationship.

Who calls or texts first?

If a guy is genuinely interested in you he will always try to text or call you first to know about your whereabouts. He will try to make plans with you for the weekend. He may even call you to say ‘hi’ and know about how your day was. A guy who likes you will always take out time for you and make you feel special.

However, look out for one sign here. If he calls you only at night then there might be something fishy. If this is not because of working for long hours then there are chances that he is just horny and wants to connect with you just for dirty talks or booty talks.

If you do not reach out to him then does he try to contact you?

It is natural if your guy does not reach out to you every time as he also wants to get your attention. He might also want to see your efforts. But if this the case always then it is a problem. If your guy never reaches out to you first then he may not be serious about you. He may be just fooling around you in such cases.

A guy who likes you will always try to get in touch with you even if it means calling you for 20 minutes every day. If he barely reaches out to you then do not take him as cool or shy. It is a sign that your affection is just one-sided.

Does he want to be official on Facebook?

If he is serious about you then he won't shy away from sharing pictures with you on social media. A person who is just playing with your feelings will not even befriend you on any social media platform. He will give excuses like he is not regular on these platforms and hardly uses these platforms.

Does he abandon you often?

Does he make you feel abandoned often? Does he give excuses for his work to you often? If he does this only at times then it is not a problem but if it happens routinely then it is a problem. If you feel that all of a sudden he gives you a lot of attention and then vanishes for some period immediately then there is a problem.

How long have you known him?

It is correctly said that love takes time to blossom. If he has been mushy around you for a while, say 3 to 4 months then there is a high chance that he likes you. Well, there are chances of love at first sight but give yourself some time to interpret his true intentions. Because let's admit it that some boys behave in this way just to be physical with us. If he behaves and treats you in the same manner for some time then there are chances that he is interested in you.

Does he ask questions about you?

If a guy likes you then he will try to know more stuff about you than just what you have told him. He will always be fascinated with you and will try to be curious about your life. On the other hand, if a guy just wants to use you then he will like to speak more about him. He will act as if he knows everything about you that is necessary.

Does he open up to you?

If a guy likes you then he will want you to know more about his life, his family, and friends. He will not shy away from telling you about his past. Talking about personal life makes one vulnerable. If he is doing it, it means that he is not afraid to be vulnerable in front of you. On the other hand, if you find that his personal life is a big mystery and you hardly know anything about him, then this is a sign that he might be a player.

Does he flirt consistently?

A guy who likes you will not flirt with you whenever it suits him. He won't go on and off with his flirting. If a guy reaches out to you only when he is horny and wants to have a booty call is not interested in you and takes you only as one of his many options.

Does He Like Me Quiz - How to Play?

The does he like me quiz rules are simple. You will have to answer a few questions. Each question will apply to you and the person you are thinking about. After answering all the questions you will finally find out if he likes you.

Start this super accurate quiz and you will find out if the boy you are thinking about is really interested in you.

Here we go!