Why Do We Argue So Much? QUIZ – 100s of Reasons

why do we argue so much quiz

Are you going through a harder time in your life and think your mood swings are caused by it? Or maybe things have not been going well in your relationship lately, and you get into arguments with each other all the time? Only one question probably comes to your mind. Why do we argue so much? Who is responsible for the bickering? To discover the truth, take our “why do we argue so much?” quiz. You will have the answer on a platter, and what you do with it will be entirely up to you!

Why Do We Argue So Much? Take The Quiz To Get The Answer

In general, there can be millions of reasons for an argument. When you are looking for a reason for conflict, you are sure to find one easily. You can easily argue about anything. Whether it’s a glass put in the wrong place or dishes not washed, a person looking for a quarrel will surely use it all. But answer the question: does it make any sense? What does it get you if you forcefully look for things to argue about with the other person? Does it give you anything? You will probably answer the question negatively after thinking about it for a while, and the reasons for arguing will seem trivial to you. So why do you dispute so much? Perhaps it is enough sometimes to refrain from unnecessary comments, and life will be much more pleasant!

In the next step, think about what your arguments are caused by. Are they based on your irritation and fatigue? Perhaps you come home tired from work, and your other half is already waiting for you in a bad mood. Unbeknownst to you, your partner has also had a rough day at work, but word for word, an argument ensues. The characters of both of you may also be a problem, as neither of you will let go and must have the last word! In such a case, you would need to work on your emotions a bit. Instead of another argument, you can use this time for a romantic walk! Perhaps you should end the relationship if you are not happy with it.

It is also important to mention that arguments are quite significant. If the fierce exchanges are played out over the rightness and truthfulness of the incident, then keep it up! Never give up if you are convinced that you are right!

In the end, you should list for yourself all the ways that will help to alleviate the conflict and reduce the frequency of arguments. Remember that it is completely impossible to avoid some unpleasant exchanges! Instead, try to learn how to handle situations so you do not provoke the other person into an argument. Here are some tips:

  • Don’t suppress negative feelings, especially anger. Try to talk about them right away.
  • Do not swear and do not incite with your behavior the other person to even greater conflict.
  • Explain right away what your anger is caused by and try to find a solution to the whole situation.
  • When you receive constructive criticism from someone, think about it and rethink your behavior. There may be something you are able to change for the better in your behavior!

Still don’t know what the cause of such frequent quarrels is? That’s nothing! Nothing is easier for you than solving this “why do we argue so much?” quiz and discovering everything! What is the cause of your arguments? Transfer of anger from work to home, or do you simply have a hooked character? Answer the 15 questions, and everything will be clear. Find out if you’re in for some hard work on yourself but whether your reasons for quarreling have any legitimate basis!



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