QUIZ: Am I Abusive? Are You Such a Person?

am I abusive quiz

Unfortunately, some people are abusive without realizing it. It doesn’t help that your partner may ignore the abuse. If you don’t rectify this problem, you may end up ruining your relationship. Am I abusive? Complete the quiz on this page to find out.

The quiz can help you determine whether you’re abusing your partner. If you have been abusing your significant other, it is pertinent to do something about it. Otherwise, your partner may leave you in the next few months.

Plus, you’re hurting the person you claim to love. Read the guide below to learn more about being abusive and how you can fix this problem.

What Does It Mean To Be Abusive?

When someone is abusive, they’re likely taking advantage of someone else. However, the term can be used to describe various situations. The term can mean that you’re being physically abusive to someone else. Alternatively, it could describe a situation in which you’re being emotionally abusive. Remember that this is not a toxic person test.

Regardless, being abusive to someone is destructive and mean. It is never good to be abusive because you’re turning someone into a victim. You need to right this wrong before you destroy the relationship in question.

Signs That You’re Abusive

Am I abusive? The quiz on this page can give you a straightforward answer. However, you can also look for signs that you’re abusing someone. Emotional abuse tends to be harder to identify because the receiver won’t have physical wounds. Instead, they’re being abused with words and statements.

Physical abuse tends to be easier to identify because the victim will have black eyes, bruises, and other visible wounds. If someone is receiving emotional abuse, you may not realize it right away. The person in question may be isolated from their friends and loved ones. They may stop hanging out with you.

They will also likely have low self-esteem because they’re being ridiculed so much. If you often hit your partner, you are being abusive. Alternatively, you may put your partner down by calling them names. You’re abusive if you’re doing any of these things to your partner.

How To Get Help

If you feel that you’re being abused, you need to get assistance immediately. After all, the abuse is likely not going to stop. Physical abuse needs to be stopped immediately before it worsens. In some cases, you should contact the police department and have the abuser arrested.

Abused children should try to tell someone at school about the abuse. A teacher or guidance counselor can help put an end to the abuse. If you’re dealing with emotional abuse, it’d be a good idea to speak to the abuser. Let them know what they’re doing and how it is impacting you. They may be willing to stop once they realize what they’re doing.

You can also try going to couples counseling to rectify the problem. Regardless, you do not want to continue living with the abuser because the abuse will likely continue. If you’re abusing someone, you’re going to regret your actions sooner or later. You’ll get arrested, or you’ll end up being alone.

Finish The Quiz

Am I abusive? Our quiz can help you find out within seconds. The quiz was created by mental health professionals who understand abuse better than anyone. They know the telltale signs of abuse and can identify individuals who are abusers. The quiz asks for basic information about you and your behavior toward others.

No identifying information is required so you can maintain your privacy while completing the quiz. Once you’ve finished the quiz, you will receive an answer in seconds. Take the quiz now to find out whether you’re abusing your partner. If you’re not sure about your result, consider taking a difficult person test.



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