QUIZ: Am I Attractive? 100% Effectiveness

am i attractive quiz

Am I attractive? Many people ask themselves this question. Attractiveness is, in essence, a person's physical characteristics that are considered beautiful. Of course, an attractive person is not the only one who looks nice. We distinguish between many types of attractiveness, and physical attractiveness is just one of them. It has been said a lot that attractiveness is a subjective opinion of each of us, and is not greatly influenced by it. This is true in some ways, as each person has their own preferences.

Am I attractive quiz is the perfect way to assess the level of your attractiveness. Perhaps you are flawlessly beautiful, or maybe you are missing a lot from the ideal? If you take the quiz, the answer to that question won't be a problem anymore.

Most people do not pay attention to the physical looks only. Character traits, behavior, and even clothes play an important role as well. Therefore, we should not be influenced only by our physical appearance, because it is not a determinant. Many people have problems with self-esteem and accepting themselves unnecessarily. Each person is beautiful in their own way.

How to recognize an attractive person?

You already know that attractiveness is not only about physical appearance but also about character traits. An attractive person should have several fundamental features, including kindness, a positive attitude, a sense of humor, passion, getting along with others, self-confidence, self-acceptance, ability to make decisions.

It is obvious that in the quiz we will mainly focus on physical attractiveness, that is appearance. The ideal female figure, according to many people, including scientists, should be slim. An attractive woman should have prominent breasts, a slim waist, and wide hips. Such a silhouette is often called an "hourglass". According to many studies, more attractive women are above all young and tall. Women with the aforementioned narrow waist, especially in relation to their height, are considered the most attractive. Does your beauty type resemble any of these traits?

Yes, you read it right, age and height are the two most important factors in defining attractiveness. To be sure that this quiz has given you a reliable result, you need to consider taking two more tests. One is how tall you will be quiz and the other is how old are you quiz. These two factors are crucial, so once you complete these three quizzes, you can be sure the outcome is certain.

Features of the appearance of a woman perceived as attractive

If we focus on the individual parts of the body that "define" a woman's attractiveness, we can describe a few of them:


According to many people, the most attractive women have a symmetrical face. The face is our showcase, it is the face we pay attention to when we meet someone for the first time. It is the face that we most often judge by the newly met people.


Legs are something many men love. Statistics prove that long legs are considered the most attractive. Of course, we are talking about the length of the legs in relation to the adult's torso. Generally speaking, taller people have always been viewed as more attractive.


Yes, the hair also shows whether someone is more or less attractive. Beautiful, well-groomed long hair is another of the physical characteristics that men find attractive.


Beautiful, expressive eyes. Eyes are also our showcase because you can even fall in love with them.


You cannot describe attractiveness with one definition. Each of us has our own definition of attractiveness. For some, someone may be attractive, while for others not necessarily. We cannot call only physical features attractiveness. Attractiveness is also characterized by character traits, behavior, and clothing. All these factors contribute to whether a person will be perceived as attractive. Once everything is clear to you, there is nothing else to do but start the quiz. In a moment, you'll find out if you're attractive. Am and attractive quiz is a great way to find out.

Am I Attractive Quiz - How to Play?

This quiz contains highly specialized questions that will more or less tell you if you are attractive or how attractive you are. Try to answer each question as best as possible, because only thanks to these answers the quiz will make sense. Once you have answered all the questions, you will see the result in the end. Good luck!