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what tattoo should I get quiz Have you been pondering whether you should get a tattoo now, and you're unsure what decision to make? Are you 100% sure that you would get one? May it have been just a temporary impulse to decorate your body in such a way? You have come to the right place if you wonder about these questions! This 'what tattoo should I get quiz' will help you find the answer to all your questions! If you're sure you want to do it, we'll help you make the right choice! You'll find out what kind of tattoo you should get by answering the questions!

Getting Your First Tattoo

If you are about to get your first tattoo on your body, consider some fundamental questions!

The first one is the most important: where would you like to get a tattoo? Have you thought about your wrist, arm, back, or maybe a specific spot on your leg, such as the ankle? Each of the mentioned body parts will be characterized by different pain intensity during tattooing and later on during healing. There is no denying that getting a tattoo in those places will not be the most pleasant! But well - beauty requires sacrifices! Indeed, the most painful will be tattooing places where the skin is thin and almost directly adheres to the bone, like hand, clavicle, spine area, feet, knees, and chest. The pain will be less noticeable in places with the fattiest tissue, such as the arm, forearm, thighs, and buttocks. Of course, this is not a rigid rule because each of us has a different pain threshold!

Another critical question is whether you would like the tattoo to be visible to everyone when you expose a piece of your body in hot weather? If you choose your forearm or collarbone as the ideal place to get tattooed, you must expect it to be visible when wearing a short-sleeved shirt or one with a deeper neckline. Will the nature of your job prevent you from displaying such a piece on your body? Consider this decision well, as it may be too late later!

Now let's get to the heart of the matter! Assuming that you have already chosen the perfect places for your tattoo, you have weighed all the pros and cons. Now comes the question: which tattoo should you get?

There are several options, one of which is to get an inscription. It can be your favorite quote, a date that is important for you, a sentence, the name of your loved one, or maybe even your children. However, remember that tattooing a name should be well thought out! We wish you the best, but think about what would happen in case of your breakup? Will you be looking for a partner with the same name as your ex? That's absurd! There is, of course, a possible option to cover the tattoo with another one, but the distaste will remain.

You can also get a tattoo that is a symbol for you. A zodiac sign will be a good idea here. Maybe you are a religious person, and you want a religious symbol on your body? Many inspirations will give you an idea of what you would like to get tattooed! Maybe you have a hobby that means a lot to you? A racing car or motorcycle in the right style would be ideal for car fans! It's worth getting a tattoo that you can add other elements to in the future until it all comes together.

Tattoos go hand in hand with all sorts of piercings, so when making such crazy decisions, it would be worth considering this question - what piercing would suit you?

What Tattoo Should I Get Quiz - How to Play?

Do you already know what kind of tattoo you should get yourself from the suggestions given? If you are still wondering, then you have no reason to worry! Go through the 'what tattoo should I get quiz' questions, and by answering them in detail, you will find out what kind of tattoo you should get for yourself! Will it be something related to nature or a memorable date? Would you like a tattoo in color or black? Or maybe it will reflect your character? Don't wait any longer and take the 'what tattoo should I get' quiz so you can soon be enrolled in a tattoo studio for your dream emblem!



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