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what is my style quiz

Your closet is bursting at the seams, the shelves are bending under the amount of clothes you own, and you still don't know what to wear? Half of the things that hang on the hangers have not been worn even once, and when you are in the store, you buy even more stuff because you think: "someday I will need it"? If all this describes you exactly, it's a sign that you are still looking for your own style! Most of the clothes you own simply do not fit you, and you feel bad wearing them. Don't go into a shopping frenzy if you are not convinced that you look good in a particular item! By solving this 'what is my style quiz,' you will find out what your style is! This will help you perfectly match all your clothes and look like a million dollars!

Many styles are found in fashion, starting from the elegant, sporty, casual, smart casual, vintage, street, boho, rock, and many others. The ones we have listed are the most popular, and most people dress this way. Nothing is lost if you already know all these styles, but none of them appeal to you! It is possible to combine some of them and look stylish and fabulous! Let's move on to the 'what is my style quiz.'

Most Popular Fashion Styles

Now we will briefly introduce you to each of the famous fashion styles


Elegant style -  here, the rule prevails not to combine more than 2 or 3 colors at once. By fixing this rule, you will not look comical but chic. Try to choose colors of clothes that go well with the color of your complexion. To avoid making it look not very interesting, you can break it with a distinctive accent in the form of appropriate jewelry or glasses. So, if monochromatic clothes dominate your closet without any prints, and at the same time, you love original accessories, maybe this style is made for you.


Sports style is excellent for people who like to feel comfortable all the time. Wearing sweatpants and various types of sweatshirts, you will be very comfortable all the time. However, it will not detract from your image! So you can always walk around dressed casually but still look stylish! Will an original sweatshirt with a famous logo combined with leggings work for you? If you're unsure, don't give up; a little more, and you'll find your style!


The casual style is suitable for all kinds of daily outings. Dressed casual, you can go out to meet at a cafe with a friend, to work, or to the store for shopping. If you like to wear jeans every day and often find yourself wearing a t-shirt, then this is the style assigned to you! On colder days, you can wear a sweater or turtleneck to your jeans without fear and spice up the whole look with a fantastically textured handbag.


Boho style - if you have a weakness for buying lace, braided, fringed clothes, which at the same time are very airy, then you can easily create a boho style on yourself! A lacy summer blouse combined with frayed jeans, openwork shoes, and an accessory in the form of a long necklace with feathers will be a hit! If you love straw accessories, headbands, and garlands and go for loose cuts, you've probably already guessed your style.

Clothing is often one of the most important elements of culture. We express ourselves and our beliefs with it. Think also about significant accessories, such as piercings or tattoos. Do you already know what kind of tattoo you should get for yourself? How about a quiz about piercings?

When Should You Take The 'What Is My Style Quiz'?

Do you think that any of the described styles fit you perfectly? Finding your class is not as difficult as it may seem! When doing an order in your closet, don't do a complete purge! Maybe one small accessory in the form of a scarf, earrings, or a hairpin is enough to make the whole styling look right. If you're not sure what actually suits you, think no more and take the what is my style quiz! Answer a few questions, and you'll immediately find out what style is written for you!



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