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Why Do You Need to Take Up "Am I Ugly Quiz"?

They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. When speaking of ugly, it is not necessary that you have to look ugly externally. A person's real beauty lies as to what gets reflected on their face from the inside. Your inner personality reveals your real beauty. Just take the 'am I ugly quiz' to keep track of your personality's ugliness.

If you need to check your ugly levels, then you need to take up this am I ugly quiz. This quiz is not intended to make you feel dejected or pathetic about yourself. It just serves the purpose of you to retrospect your behavior and guides you to self-realize to a certain extent, and paves the way for enlightenment in little amounts. This quiz is no supplement to consulting a psychologist or a psychiatrist to understand your original self and evaluate your ugliness quotient based on the answers you provide.

Parameters indicating ugliness quotient

There are certain self-check parameters you can assess to understand your ugliness quotient.

Speaking at the back

If you have a very terrible habit of speaking about people behind their back and don't have the guts to say it right on their faces, then you have repulsive behavior. If you pose a very fake attitude in front of them and start speaking ill about them once they leave the place, it is never a good sign of treating another human. It is not recommended to hit words at people, rather try explaining them using better words, and there is a certain way of communicating your thoughts.

Human treatment

Your original behavior lies in treating a janitor and not how you treat your CEO or someone in a higher position. The kind of respect you hold for people who do menial jobs and work at the grassroots levels to make the lives of people around them much easier is the one that reflects your real goodness.

If you intend to throw rude words or harm people around you, then it indicates that you are in no way a good human being.


Catcalling is one of the worst ever activities a person could commit to another person. It is calling someone in one of the most undignified ways possible. Men generally do this to women to project them in a terrible light and degrade their self-respect and dignity. Catcalling is seen as rogue behavior.

Not respecting traffic rules

When you don't pay respect to the traffic rules, it's not that you don't heed the government's ways. It indicates that you don't have any respect for people around you when you don't respect traffic rules and cut ways to reach your destination. Then you are indirectly a part of a huge mistake that affects a million lives around you.

Not accepting mistakes

When you keep turning tables and blaming others for your own mistakes, and pinpointing people for the mistakes you make, then it is never healthy behavior. They say to err is human and to forgive is divine. But you cannot even be a human if you don't accept the errors you make. It is very common for a human being to make errors, but it is not uncommon for a human being to not accept their own mistakes.

Complementing quality and quantity

The kind of words you use to complement other people's goodness and best qualities clearly shows what sort of person you are. Also, if you keep track of the number of times you compliment the other person, it shows the levels of an ego you maintain and reveals you can rip off your superiority and want to see an egalitarian system being established around you.

Last but not least, it is not at all a good habit to peep into someone's phone while they are using it. It is invading their personal space. Many other things can be taken into account for evaluating one’s ugliness quotient, but these are some of the most important ones.

Finally, if, after learning the most common behaviors that may make your personality ugly, you can see even a small part of yourself, then you should take the am I ugly quiz. You'll know soon enough if you're an ugly person.



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