QUIZ: What Nail Color Should I Get?

what nail color should i get quiz

Beautiful, well-groomed, and painted nails are an attribute of every woman. However, what if we can’t decide what color to paint them? Painted nails look beautiful, but only when the color of the nail polish is right. Probably many of you wear different nail colors. Hybrid nail painting has become very popular recently. Thanks to this, women are able to experiment with colors and patterns on their nails at will. If you’re still wondering which color to choose, what nail color should I get quiz will help.

Painted and well-groomed nails are an expression of the fact that a woman pays attention to her appearance. The obvious fact is that the nail color should be consistent with all our styling. Whether a given color will suit us depends on many factors. Most women are guided by the occasion when making decisions about the color of their nails. Nails are very much like hair. Every day we have a rather ordinary hairstyle as well as the color of the nails. However, when an important celebration, such as a wedding or a school prom, is approaching, the situation gets complicated here. 

Every woman wants to look beautiful on such occasions, and nails are one of the elements of the beautiful appearance of a modern woman.

Moving on to the point: what nail color to choose? What to consider when choosing a color?

First of all, if we are talking about the color of your nails, it would be a good idea to check if you know all the colors before taking this quiz. That’s why the colors quiz comes in handy.

Choosing A Nail Polish Color


Contrary to appearances, the season of the year plays a fairly important role in choosing the color of your nails. Vacation time is a time of carefree, high temperatures and meetings with friends. During the summer, we should choose more juicy, calm, but also energetic colors. An example of such a color is beige.

In spring, blue, gray, and even gold colors reign supreme. The white color of the nails is also in fashion and suits the spring weather.

In the autumn and winter period, you should choose the colors of nature. All shades of green, brown, and red are very trendy in the period from autumn to winter. The recommended colors in this period are also navy blue, yellow, and purple.

Skin Tone

The color of our nails should perfectly complement the shade of our skin and make it look healthy and well-groomed. In the case of light skin, golden, brown, and red colors are suitable. In the case of medium-light complexions, dark shades of red and pink come into play. In the case of a darker complexion, expressive and bright colors, such as intense pink, orange, or red, will be a perfect choice. After completing what nail color should I get quiz, you will be delighted, and you will easily choose the color of your nails.


An important factor when choosing a nail color is also whether you want to choose a color for everyday wear or for some special occasion. Light nails work well with virtually any styling. Regardless of your style or occasion, bright nails are always a good choice! They look aesthetically pleasing even after a long time.

In the case of special occasions, such as a wedding or a business meeting at work, it is important that our manicure is not too colorful or with numerous decorations. Keep it simple on important occasions. Fluorescent nail polishes should not be used.

What Nail Color Should I Get Quiz – How To Play?

You have already found out what nail colors suit a given type of beauty, season, or occasion. In this quiz, you will find out which nail color will suit you perfectly. Based on a few questions that you will have to answer, we will be able to perfectly match the nail color to your personality.

You have already chosen the perfect nails for you, but what next? Nails are just one of the many feminine attributes. Most women will agree that well-groomed hair is as important or even more important than beautiful, painted nails. The hair situation is just as complicated as with the nail color, but don’t worry. Check what color you should dye your hair with this quiz.



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