Should I Cut My Hair Quiz – Know The Answer!

should I cut my hair quiz

Long hair for many years was considered an inherent attribute of femininity. They are equated with female beauty and we are reluctant to trim them. However, recently a lot has changed when it comes to women's hairstyles. Women more and more often decide to shorten their hair for various reasons, but a few of the most important is the desire to refresh their image or the desire to feel more at ease. If you lack courage or confidence that short hair would fit you, then 'should I cut my hair quiz' is here to help.

The modern world is developing very quickly and what was fashionable 10 years ago is long forgotten. Women's short hairstyles are no longer anything strange and can look very feminine and at the same time elegant and casual. Many women choose to take this step for various reasons. Many celebrities promote short hair and their hairstyles look stunning. A good cut can incredibly emphasize your facial features and create an amazing hairstyle. 'Should I cut my hair quiz' is another personality quiz that will live up to the expectations of all ladies!

If the mere trimming of the hair gives you chills, and shortening your hair by a few centimeters is something you haven't done in a dozen or so years, then maybe it's time for a radical change. Your fears are completely unfounded, as short hair is as feminine as long hair, and at the same time allows many different styles. Think about women who decide on nipple piercing. According to many people, this is a much harder decision than cutting your hair. Now that we are talking about it and you decide to make a radical change, maybe you should get a nipple piercing?

Why Should I Cut My Hair?

Shortening the hair has its advantages and it is not just about the visual character. Familiarize yourself with them.

Your hair can help someone

Yes, you read that right. If you have long hair and are able to get rid of more than 25cm of it, then we have great news for you. You can put your "old" hair in the right hands, where it will be turned into wigs for women after chemotherapy.

180-degree change

If you want to start a new stage in your life and cut yourself off from the past completely, then shortening your hair might be a good idea.


Your hair is already damaged, dry, tired of constant dyeing? This is the perfect opportunity to shorten them. You give them a "care reset" and they will come back to life again!

Saved time

Which of us did not get irritated by the fact that our hair takes a long time to dry. In the case of short hair, there is no such dilemma - hair dries quickly. Ask your guy!

Long hair is not suitable for everyone

Long hair is not suitable for every woman. There are many cases when a woman wears long hair all her life and is just used to it. However, friends or family have always told her that short hair would look much better. In the end, she decides to change, and… it turns out to be a bull's eye! It's just that for some women, long hair takes away their charm - and short hair adds sex appeal and beauty.


Short hair is just more economical. We don't use that much shampoo, conditioner, mask, oil, or anything else.

The opposite sex

There are quite a few guys out there who love women with short hair. They look more confident and know what they want out of life. Additionally, short hair reveals the neck and shoulders, which makes a woman super sexy!

If you have beautiful long hair and you are afraid of changes, you can approach short hairstyles in stages. For example, you can start with a shoulder-length bob. If it is still too radical for you, then test the hairstyles you like using computer animations.

should i cut my hair quiz - how to play?

Now that you're here, you've probably been wondering for a while whether cutting your hair is a good idea. On the other hand, while you are thinking about it, you are closer than further. 'Should I Cut My Hair Quiz' is the perfect solution for every woman who struggles with this problem! Your dilemma will no longer bother you! Just answer a few simple questions and you'll know the answer.

Before you start the quiz, we have one more great suggestion for you. If you find that you need to shorten your hair, also do 'what color should I dye my hair quiz' and your new styling will be ready!

Perhaps something will happen at the hairdresser that will give you food for thought. Perhaps when you cut your hair, your life will turn upside down and nothing will be the same as before. In addition to the new image, you will also get to know your soulmate.



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