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what haircut should I get

Everyone, at some point in their life, needs a change. Some people need a drastic change, such as moving to a faraway place, while others just need a change of hairstyle. If you take this “what haircut should I get?” quiz, you probably belong to the latter group!

If you’re wondering what hairstyle you should get, we’ll try to help you out! By answering the questions in this quiz, you can find out which one is best for you! We’ll analyze your answers and try to find the perfect one that matches your beauty type. In just a few moments, you will be able to make an appointment with your hairstylist, and your friends will be impressed with your new look!

First of all, you should determine what shape your face looks like. Not everyone likes straight bangs, a bob cut, or sleek curls. We now show you the five most common facial shapes and the hairstyles which fit them perfectly! You are about to find out what hairstyle you should have!

Hairstyles For Different Face Shapes

A round face is characterized by being almost as long as wide. The cheekbones are not clearly defined, making your face look “chubbier.” In this case, hairstyles that optically elongate the face and add a character are best suited. Creating a slanted fringe or moving the hair volume to the top of the head may be a good idea. Men may prefer angular haircuts, which take away the extra curves.

Heart-Shaped Face

It’s characterized by being wider at the forehead and narrower the further down you go. If you are the owner of this face shape, you are very lucky! Almost any hairstyle will suit you! Opt for a straight fringe to emphasize your mouth and your eyes. A short bob is also a good option. This will bring out your cheeks and chin! Have you decided what hairstyle you should get?

Square Face

It is instantly recognizable! At first glance, the jawline is sharply defined, and cheekbones protrude. The best hairstyle for this shape is curls, which somewhat cover the angular face and soften and warm up the appearance. It may be a good idea for men to shave the sides and leave the bangs longer!

Long Face

A long fringe covering the forehead is a good idea in this case. This will optically shorten your face and give it a rounder shape. If you don’t like bangs, you can thin your hair extensively to stop your face from looking even longer! On the other hand, men shouldn’t cut the sides too much and style the top slightly tousled.

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Diamond-Shaped Face

The main feature is a wide forehead and a wide jaw. The cheekbones, in this case, are also clearly marked. If you’ve been thinking about wearing your hair short, don’t bother! You will look very unattractive! People with diamond-shaped faces should opt for loose, wavy hair, which they can tuck behind their ears. This way, you can emphasize your cheekbones!

The “what haircut should I get?” quiz is suitable for both males and females! 

How To Play?

Do you already know what haircut will suit you best? By carefully reading the analysis of each face shape, you should already have your type! Will you come home from the hairdresser’s tomorrow with a bob and a slanted fringe, or will you have a storm of curls on your head? Don’t wait any longer and take the “what haircut should I get?” quiz if you’re still hesitating. The questions it contains will help you get rid of your problem! 

Just a few clicks, and you’re done; it’s that easy. You are about to find out which hairstyle best fits your personality!



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