QUIZ: What Color Braces Should I Get?

what color braces should I get quiz
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As you probably know, braces are designed to correct all malocclusions. You probably associate it with straightening the curves of teeth, but the range of its applications is much wider. In the beginning, we would like to warn you that the same rules do not govern the choice of braces as the choice of clothes or shoes. The only thing you can choose is the color of your braces. That's why we created this super interesting quiz, namely 'what color braces should I get quiz.' Ready?

Just hold on for a second. We will also provide you with a detailed explanation of what color would ideally suit you. You will learn about some interesting factors that you should consider when choosing the color of your braces. Keep on reading!

Everything About 'What Color Braces Should I Get Quiz'

In the past, every braces looked the same, and there was not much of a choice to choose its color. Things are a bit different nowadays because we have a wide range of colors to choose from. People with braces were often associated with the so-called "nerds," and it did not look very good. Luckily, we don't have this problem anymore, and our braces can look cool like never before!

What color of braces to choose? A guide for the undecided

We love colorful gadgets, so we often choose colored braces. We choose those in the colors of our favorite sports team or simply decide on our favorite shade. Among young people, colored rubber bands on orthodontic appliances are sometimes such a hit that young people order unusual colors online, unavailable from their orthodontists. Are you in this group?

Your long-awaited visit to the orthodontist is approaching fast, and you still do not know what color to choose? Still no idea? Nothing is lost; you will diversify your braces with our quiz.


Black braces are an absolute hit. They look stylish, a bit rebellious, and, above all, hide all imperfections. However, their most important advantage is that they never discolor. What more could you want?


It is a choice for more subdued and calm people, which is universal and discreet.


Transparent braces are also something most people reach for. If you want to hide your braces, the choice is simple.

Pink, purple

These colors are a great choice for ladies. Which of you would not like to emphasize your beauty with these beautiful colors? They go well with lipstick or makeup.

Shades of blue

This, in turn, is a good choice for men who want to experiment a bit. The shades of blue look amazing and are incredibly stylish.

Several colors

This is a choice for crazy people who love to experiment with their beauty. The combination of several colors is something that gives an amazing effect and also makes us look amazing!

What Color Braces Should I Get Quiz - How to Play?

When taking care of your appearance and style, you also need to consider how your braces will blend in with other elements of your outfit or appearance. To complete the formalities, take the Hair Color Quiz and Nail Color Quiz.

You have already read a few basic propositions on our part, but of course, that's not all. We wouldn't be ourselves if we didn't add some extra colors to our quiz. Start the test and answer a few questions, and you will get the perfect color braces for you!



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