What Body Shape Am I? QUIZ – Find Your Figure Type

what body shape am I quiz

Would you like your figure to look a little different, but despite hard work, you are not achieving spectacular results? Or maybe you’re interested in finding out what your body structure is so you can adjust the right clothes for yourself. Or do you just want to know the structure of your figure out of pure curiosity? In this “what body shape am I?” quiz, you will find the answer to all these questions. In just a moment, the description of your silhouette will be no mystery at all!

What’s Your Unique Body Shape? Take The Quiz To Find Out

Each of us would like to look like a million dollars. The canons of beauty created in social media are a narrow waist with a nicely sculpted belly and wide hips with accentuated buttocks. So does each of us have the ability to look like this? Well, the answer is, unfortunately, no. Sometimes, you can’t achieve your dream figure despite following a proper diet and maintaining a high level of physical activity. It is then worth considering whether this is due to something other than your ineptitude.

If you struggle with obesity and lose a lot of weight, but your figure still deviates quite a lot from the intended results, then the reason probably lies elsewhere. Weighing 110 lbs, you also may not have a clearly defined waist solely due to your body type. Have you been asking yourself, “am I attractive?“.

The Most Common Body Shapes

We will now zoom in on some of the silhouette types we can most often distinguish.


We are talking about the most desirable type of silhouette. A narrow waist, slightly wider hips, and shoulders that are of equal dimensions are the dream of many! If you have just this type of figure, then you don’t have to worry about what to wear. Everything will fit perfectly for you!


People with this type of figure have a prominent waistline, narrow shoulders, and much wider hips. In this case, the bust is also quite large. Thus, silhouette has its advantages, but you need to be careful with the choice of clothes. Not everything will fit you!


Someone with this type of figure often thinks about going on a diet. But this is not the fault of nutrition. Despite the efforts, such a person will always show a rounded belly, a large bust, and fairly narrow hips. The main advantage will be long legs, which should be emphasized with properly selected clothing.


Such a body structure is characterized by the fact that there is practically no marked waist, and the shoulders and hips are almost equal in size. Small buttocks and small breasts are also features of the “column.” It is recommended to wear clothes that will give the effect of the waistline, such as dresses with a string at the waist and high-waisted pants.

Finding a perfect style for your body shape is equally important. Thus, take the what is my style quiz.


This is a type of silhouette in which the shoulders have the advantage. They are pretty wide compared to a weak waist and narrow hips. Most often, people with this body build have slim legs. It is worthwhile to have in your closet pants that are tight in the thighs and slightly widening towards the bottom.


Massive legs can be observed at first glance. Wide shoulders and a lack of an outlined waistline can also be problematic. The clothing should be quite balanced to highlight and draw attention to the waist and mask the legs.

Do You Already Know Your Body Shape?

You have already learned about the most common figure types among people. It is known that some are dream figures, and others are a nightmare for the holder. Nothing is lost yet if you possess a less favorable posture! Remember that with the right choice of clothes, all that is unwanted can be masked and attract the eye where it belongs.

Do you already know what type of figure you have? If you are still not entirely sure, then take this “what body shape am I?” quiz. Your life will become much less complicated! You will also stop wondering why you look bad in everything. It’s a good step to finally adjust everything to your figure and enjoy your body again! Find out the answer to your question by answering these 15 questions! Good luck!



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