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DanTDM Quiz

Daniel Robert Middleton, mainly known as DanTDM or The Diamond Minecart is one of the most popular British YouTubers. Dan was born in 1991 in Aldershot, England. The DanTDM quiz will test your knowledge about this popular YouTuber! Can you ace it with ease?

DanTDM - Beginnings

Not so many people know that Dan's YouTube career began as early as in 2009 when he started to upload recordings from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. However, he gained major popularity thanks to his second channel, founded in 2012, which was initially called The Diamond Minecart and focused on recording gameplays from Minecraft video game. Daniel changed his YouTube channel name to "DanTDM" in December 2016. In addition to his videos on YouTube, Daniel also streams on Twitch.

Talking about Daniel's private life, as mentioned earlier - The Diamond Minecart was born in England, where he currently lives. DanTDM has two siblings and his parents divorced when he was a child. In addition, in 2013 Dan married his girlfriend Jemma. A few years later they had a baby, a beautiful son named Asher.

Do you know the name of Dan's first YouTube channel? The DanTDM quiz may contain such a question, as well as many other specific questions about his YouTube career, but also private life. So if you consider yourself a fan of Daniel Middleton, then you should answer all the questions without even blinking!

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DanTDM Quiz - How To Play?

This quiz contains 12 questions. Each question will be displayed on a separate page, and after your answer, you will be taken to the next question. After answering all the questions you will be able to check your overall score on the quiz and compare your knowledge with your friends! Focus and try to get the highest score! So, what are you waiting for? Don't wait any longer and test your knowledge about Dan! Can you get the maximum score? Good luck!

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