The Dolan Twins Quiz: How Well Do You Know Them?

dolan twins quiz

Nowadays, social media is something that can give you immense fame and money in a short period of time. All you need is something that will make you stand out among others. Ethan and Grayson Dolan gained their popularity already in 2013, when, like David Dobrik or Logan and Jake Paul, they started to put short videos on the Vine platform. Of course, their success is not only assigned to these videos. The Dolan Twins are very handsome boys. Thanks to their appearance, they have gained crowds of fans around the world. If you think you know everything about them, start the Dolan Twins quiz now!

They broke into the world of online influencers in the blink of an eye, and it did not take long for them to be on top. Yes, the Dolan twins are a phenomenon on a global scale. Thanks to their online activities, they win the hearts of fans.

So, how much do you know about the Dolan twins? Which brother is your favorite? Do you think you can answer every question about Ethan and Grayson without even blinking? Do you consider yourself a great fan of The Dolan twins? If yes, then nothing stands in the way of you trying your hand at this quiz.

Everything About The Dolan Twins Quiz

If you are sure of your knowledge about the Dolan twins, you should start this quiz right away. However, if you would like to learn some interesting things about the twins, then keep reading because the information in this article can help you to solve the Dolan twins quiz with a better score.

Dolan Twins, Ethan, and Grayson Dolan, are two brothers born in 1999. They were born in New Jersey and currently live in California.

As you can read above, they started their “internet” career in 2013 on the Vine platform. However, after some time, Vine became less popular, and like any major publisher on this platform, Dolan Twins decided to set up a channel on YouTube. Their channel was created in 2014, and they have over 10 million subscriptions to date.

Dolan Twins – Quick Facts

Despite the fact that Ethan and Grayson are twins, there is a 20-minute difference between their births. Which of the twins do you think was born first? The answer is Ethan.

Do you know how to tell them apart? Nothing easier! Ethan has a birthmark on his cheek, and Grayson has a birthmark on his chin.

Do you know that they both got their first tattoo the same day? Ethan has the inscription “Create,” and Grayson has the inscription “Matters”. Pretty cool, right?

Huge popularity has its pros and cons. In 2016, the twins announced that their father was struggling with cancer. After many years of fighting the disease, in 2019, their father, Sean, passed away. Many fans decided to use the funeral as an opportunity to meet their idols. The Dolans made a request on their social media to their fans not to take advantage of such difficult moments in their lives to meet them. Fortunately, the entire ceremony went without any problems.

The Dolan Twins Quiz – How To Play?

The quiz rules are very simple. Each question will be displayed on a separate page, and you will have 4 answers to choose from; of course, only one is correct. There are 15 questions. Once you answer the last question, you will be directed to the final page of the quiz, where you will find your overall score and the correct/incorrect answers. You will also learn if you belong to the elite group that scored the maximum score on the quiz and what percentage of players scored better than you.

So what are you waiting for? Click the “Start” button and let the quiz begin! Good luck!



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