QUIZ: Can You Name Cat Breeds Just By Picture?

cat breeds quiz

Cats, kitties, kittens.. they are lovely, but selfish at the same time. When they want something from you.. they are nice and cute, but when they want to be alone, then they will just leave and won't react to their names. Did you know that the average cat can live up to 20 years? Some people love cats, some hate them. I hope you're in the first group!

Kittens can be divided into two categories: home cats and wild cats. Home cats are those that we have in our homes, these kittens couldn't do much without their owners. Wild cats are living, hunting for food, and doing everything else by themselves. They don't need a human to survive. They're living in the forests mostly.

There are many cat breeds; shorthaired, longhaired, and even the ones without fur. Did you know that if you are a cat owner then it can lower your stress level? There are many more advantages of having this animal in our home! For example, owning a cat can lower the chance of getting heart disease by around 30%! You can read more about health benefits while being a cat owner here.

Can you name what breed are these cats just by pictures of them? From around 60 cat breeds that exist in total, we have chosen 10 for this Cat Breeds Quiz. How good is your knowledge about cats? How many of them do you have in your homes? Start the quiz and find out if you are a real cat lover! Meow!


In order to complete the Cat Breeds Quiz, you have to answer every question correctly. You will get information if your answer was correct or wrong after each question. If your answer is wrong, then at the end of the quiz you will have to answer it again! Good luck!

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