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What Pet Should I Get Quiz

Are you considering choosing your first pet? Or maybe you already had one, but unfavorable circumstances meant that you had to say goodbye to your previous quadruped? If so, then this what pet should I get quiz is the perfect solution for you. Thanks to the quiz, you will find out what furry friend will hit the spot for you! When you return home, there will always be someone waiting for you impatiently and enjoying your company!

What Pet Is Right For Me?

Before choosing a pet for ourselves, we need to answer some important questions related to caring for them. If you are often away from home for hours, and you live alone, a dog will not be the best choice… but an animal that will be able to take care of itself during this time – yes! For example, let’s say a hamster. This type of animal is not so attached to a human that it will be bored without us and will not cope. Before that, we must, of course, equip the cage with food for hamsters, a watering hole, and necessary attractions for our baby, and he will know how to spend the time without you! Now, before you go into the ‘what pet should I get quiz,’ let’s find out the most popular pets.

Most Common House Pets

Now, before you start the what pet should I get quiz – let’s introduce you to some of the most popular pets that humans become owners of the most.


When deciding to buy a cat, we must first consider whether we or someone in the household will have allergies to it. If you already know that you do not suffer from this condition and without any signs of sneezing, runny nose, or difficulty breathing, you will be able to care for and play with your cat carelessly; you have one less trouble. Cats can live up to 20 years, so you have to take into account the expenses for such a long time. You will need funds to treat your cat at the vet, and when your pet is healthy, you still need to go to regular check-ups.

Did you realize that despite the toilets performed by the cat, it leaves hair anyway? You must take into account the need to vacuum the apartment more often. Some cats like to mark their area, which causes them to scratch, for example, furniture, armchairs, and sofas. Thanks to this, they also get rid of the dead scales on their claws. If you equip your apartment with a cat scratcher, and yet the cat will prefer to use, for example, your favorite sofa, you have to take into account possible damage. Cats are said to be loners and go their own way, but that’s not entirely true! Most of them are very social, and they love stroking and lounging together.


Dog loves company, frequent walks, and the presence of its owner at home. There are different breeds of dogs – small and large so that everyone can choose the right friend for themselves. It would be best if you devoted enough time to your dog, regardless of the dog’s size. A dog will not be a good solution for busy people. Even though you are, e.g., allergic, you can own a dog! There are breeds that have non-allergenic hair instead of fur. These include, for example, Yorkshire Terrier, West Highland White Terrier, and Maltese. A groomer should regularly visit these dogs to get their hair trimmed.

All dogs should be brushed regularly, especially during the transitional seasons of the year when they shed the most. Regardless of the type of dog, you need to go to the vet in case of illness, for preventive examinations, or to have his claws cut. It is also worth taking care of high-quality dog ​​food that is adapted to dogs according to their breed, body build, size, and possible health problems.

Without a doubt, cats and dogs are the most popular pets. If you are wondering about these two animals, then you should check if a cat or a dog is right for you.

However, if you are sure that your dog will be your chosen one, then you have no choice but to take the ‘what dog should I get quiz.’

Guinea Pigs

These animals are very popular because they are very playful. Guinea pigs form a strong bond with their owner and squeal joyfully when they see him. They are small, so you can easily find a place to put a cage for them. These pets feel very comfortable in the company of other guinea pigs, so we better not keep one individual at home. They live for about 5-8 years. Apart from being in the cage, they also need to move, so you should let them out for at least 1-2 hours a day and keep your eyes on them during this time. Guinea pigs are rodents, so the species’ name suggests that we should be wary of all sorts of wires that a guinea pig can chew through. They are very fast, so a moment of inattention and misfortune may be ready!

Other popular pets that we often encounter include chinchillas, ferrets, fish, rabbits, and hamsters.

If you don’t know if you will be motivated enough to look after your pet all the time, you can check it by taking the “am I lazy quiz.”

What Pet Should I Get Quiz

We have introduced you to the requirements of individual pets and what is associated with having them. Of course, do you have any illnesses you suffer from? Do you have children? Not every animal will find its place in your household in this case. Do you have a lot of free time and space? Hopefully, we’ve made it a little easier for you to answer the question of which pet should you take. Take this ‘what pet should I get quiz’ and everything will be clear for you. With meticulous answers to the questions, you will get the result of what pet is right for you! Ready to start the what pet should I get quiz? Let’s go!



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