QUIZ: Does My Dog Love Me?

does my dog love me quiz

Do you have a pet that you love, but at the same time, you wonder if he loves you? A dog’s love for a human is unconditional and lasts forever. Dogs can show affection in many ways that you may not even know. Every quadruped has body language, gives certain signs, and makes sounds that can help you check if he really loves you. Below, we will present a few of them, read them, and solve the “Does my dog love me?” quiz to dispel any doubts in this matter.

Signs That Your Dog Says “I Love You”

Before we get into the “Does my dog love me?” quiz, it is worth getting acquainted with a few important signals that our dogs transmit to us.

Wags His Tail

Without a doubt, this is the most common signal our dog gives us. It is the most obvious and the surest symptom of love. If your dog wagons its tail when it sees you, it also means that it is just happy but also loves you.

Brings His Favorite Toy

Every dog has a favorite toy – be it a ball, a soft toy, or anything else. If it happens that he comes to you with this toy, it means that he wants to share it with you. It can be interpreted that he brings his favorite toy to a person when he wants to get attention or when he is longing, and this indirectly means showing love.

Body Licking

Which dog owner has never encountered this? Undeniably none. While face licking is certainly not the nicest thing to do, this is how a dog shows love and bond with its owner.

Sleeps Near You (Or With You)

Dogs belong to the kind of animals that need to be close to humans. A dog that is alone is usually unhappy. So, if your pet is sleeping close to you or with you, it is a sign of his gratitude and love for you.

He Looks You Straight In The Eyes

If the dog looks you right in the eye, that is also a sign of love. According to experts, when you look deep into your eyes, a compound called oxytocin is released. It is the same hormone that is responsible for creating a bond between mother and baby. When a dog feels good with someone, he makes eye contact with them without fear. In fact, it happens that he stares at his guardian’s eyes for a long time without breaks.

He Loves Your Smell

You certainly don’t know it, but dogs love the smell of their owners. There is a reason why they bite our slippers or shoes when they are left alone at home. It is the footwear that most smells like the person who wears them. 

Surely, you’ve noticed a dependency that your dog only bites things that you often have with you – it could be a TV remote control or even underwear. When its owner is not at home for a long time, a dog looks for some substitute that would remind him of him. This is true love!

Greets You When You Come Back From Work Or School

You probably know it perfectly well. You come home from school or work, and your pet is waiting for you at the front door, wagging its tail cheerfully. If a dog reacts enthusiastically to the owner’s return, it means that he loves you very much. In the event that such situations do not occur, you may suspect your pet’s illness or malaise. It may also mean that he associates your return with something negative.

After assessing the bond with your current furry friend, have you ever considered expanding the pack? Dive into our next quiz to find out what dog should you get next!

Does My Dog Love Me Quiz

Cool, you’ve already learned the most important signals used by your dog to show that he loves you. However, it would still be worth taking the “Does my dog love me?” quiz. You will learn many interesting things about your relationship with your dog. Although knowing our beloved dogs, the answer is clear in advance – every dog loves its owner unconditionally.



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