QUIZ: What Horse Should I Get?

What Horse Should I Get

Owning a horse is a dream of many riders. Yet, when the moment arrives, it often brings a flurry of uncertainties. Lacking clarity on the initial steps or key considerations can become overwhelming. Many often ask, “What horse should I get?” Our quiz will point you in the right direction.

Unfortunately, impulsive purchases are common, and some sellers capitalize on this by employing manipulative sales tactics. So, how does one make an informed choice when selecting a horse? What are the primary factors to consider, and what precautions should be taken during the buying process?

Choosing the Right Horse

Picking the perfect horse isn’t merely about color, size, or breed. It goes even deeper into understanding your personality, preferences, and needs. Just as you’d select a pet dog or cat that aligns with your way of life, the process is quite similar (though, of course, with added dimensions) when considering a horse.

While the glossy mane, tall posture, and unique trot might capture your eyes, it’s crucial to consider factors beyond aesthetics. Horses, like humans, have varied temperaments, energy levels, and requirements. The “what horse should i get?” quiz was crafted to assist potential horse enthusiasts in matching their own characteristics with those of an equine companion.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Horse

Before buying a horse, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Evaluate Your Skill Level: Where do you stand on the equestrian expertise scale? Are you a seasoned rider or still finding your footing in the saddle? For those new to riding, a mature, serene horse is ideal. On the flip side, opting for a younger horse could be an enriching challenge if you’re confident and skilled. However, be mindful that training a young horse demands immense dedication and expertise.
  • Size Matters: Your physique plays a crucial role in choosing a horse. Ideally, your weight should only constitute 10%-15% of the horse’s overall weight. A mismatch can compromise the horse’s health, affecting its muscles, joints, and spine. On the contrary, a lightweight rider might find it challenging to maintain control over a larger horse.
  • Purpose of Purchase: Define your equestrian goals. Are you into dressage, showjumping, or other equestrian activities? Or do you fancy a casual countryside trot now and then? Ensure the horse’s aptitude matches your aspirations. Investing in a horse that doesn’t align with your equestrian pursuits is counterproductive.
  • Commitment Check: Owning a horse is a commitment. It necessitates consistent care and frequent visits to the stable. If your current schedule only permits weekly rides, perhaps it’s best to hold off on the ownership plunge for now.

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What Horse Should I Get? 

Choosing a horse is the beginning of an incredible journey. It’s a commitment, an adventure, and an enjoyment of one of nature’s most splendid creatures. Whether you’re an aspiring horse owner or just curious, the “what horse should i get?” quiz is here to guide you. The decision to purchase a horse is significant and challenging. To effectively navigate this decision, it’s essential to consider the aforementioned factors and to craft a tailored list of desired traits and qualifications for our prospective equine companion.

The quiz analyzes many factors, including your skill level, physical considerations, your goals, or commitment level. As for the horses you might get matched with, it could be Thoroughbred, Arabian, Shetland Pony, Clydesdale, or others.



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