QUIZ: Is A Cat or Dog Better For Me? Let’s Check!

is a cat or dog better for me quiz

You don’t have a pet in your home yet, and you wonder what will be best for you. Still asking yourself, “Which pet will be the best for me?“. Dog or cat? Both the cat and the dog have their pros and cons. It all depends on your expectations about your future pet. Your schedule of the day is also important. If you work all day and you are only a few hours a day at home, remember that your pet will add more responsibilities for you. Start the dog vs. cat quiz to find out which one is better for you!

You must also remember that every dog ​​and cat has many breeds, each one is very different, and there is no specific rule for raising a dog or cat. In this article, we will try to present, more or less, breeds that are somewhere in the middle. So if you can’t decide which animal suits you better, start the quiz and answer all the questions. In the end, you will find out if you should have a cat or a dog.

Dog vs. Cat – Differences

We need to think carefully before taking in a dog or cat. Below are a few differences between these two species that will definitely help you make your choice.

Dog vs. Cat – Time

As for the time we need to devote to our cat or dog during the day, of course, the cat wins in this category. If you have a dog, you have to take into account that you will have to go out for walks with him so that he can meet his physiological needs. The dog also has a strong need to “go crazy.” Remember that most breeds need to go out for a longer walk than just getting rid of. Therefore, in the case of a dog, we must reckon with at least three walks a day, a dozen/several minutes, or hours each.

The matter with the cat is much easier because if we teach him to use the litter box, then this one will take care of it. You don’t have to go out for walks with cats. All you have to do is give your cat food in the morning and evening, and he’ll plan the rest of the day himself.

Dog vs. Cat – Care

When it comes to care and devoting time to a cat or dog, in this case, we will also devote less time to the cat. Dogs are usually very open animals and attached to their people. You should devote most of your free time to them so that they feel loved and become attached to us. Added to this is training, having fun together, or fetching.

As for the cat, contrary to appearances, it is also quite absorbing. Cats are said to sleep most of their day. However, if the cat does not have another cat companion nearby, it will want to spend as much time with you as possible. At some point, you will even notice that the cat adjusts its naps for you and gets up whenever you are at home, waiting for fun.

In this section, the advantage of a cat over a dog is that it adapts more easily to your day. If you don’t have enough time on a given day, you have to be out of the house for almost the whole day; the cat can handle it. In the case of a dog, you will need to find a person who will go out with him for a walk.

Dog vs. Cat – Hygiene At Home (Hair, Smells)

A clean home is a basis. Which animal makes a bigger “mess” at home, a dog or a cat? Of course, a dog’s and cat’s hair fall out. Unfortunately, we can’t avoid it, and when we are taking in or buying a pet, we have to be ready for it.


Large breeds of dogs emit quite intense smells. Of course, if we care about the hygiene of our pets and try to wash them sporadically, we can overcome this problem.

Cats usually take care of their hygiene on their own, licking their body. However, if our cat gets to the litter box, after some time, we can smell a slight smell. However, if the litter box is cleaned regularly and our cat is neutered/sterilized, this smell will be much less intense.


If you have a cat or dog, you have to take into account the fact that there will be fur at home. In carpets, on clothes, literally everywhere. There is no difference between a cat and a dog here because both of these species lose their hair. Some cat or dog breeds have shorter or longer fur. 

Therefore, if we know that hair at home will be a problem for us, then let’s think about the shorthair breed.


Dogs are animals that like to get dirty. They come back from the walks all in the mud or in other plant residues very often. If we make sure that after each walk, we thoroughly clean and comb our dog, then there’s no problem.

Cat vs. Dog – Living Costs

When it comes to the cost of living for our pets, the matter is very complicated here. Many factors influence how much money we will be able to spend on our pets. If we talk about large breeds of dogs (e.g., German Shepherds), then we will have to spend a lot of money a month on good quality food. Cats usually eat dry food, and from time to time, you can buy them a can of wet food. As we mentioned above, everything depends on the size of our dog or cat and its demand for food.

However, food is not the only expense we will meet with having a cat or dog. It should also be remembered that cats and dogs require vaccinations purchase of accessories such as a collar, leash, muzzle, etc. If it happens that our pet gets ill, then we also have to take the costs into account.

In summary, the cost of maintaining our pet depends largely on its size. The cost of maintaining a small dog will be similar to the cost of maintaining a cat.


In this article, we highlighted the most important differences between a dog and a cat. If you are still not sure which animal to choose, then our “is a cat or dog better for me quiz” comes to the rescue.

Is A Cat Or Dog Better For Me Quiz – How To Play?

Caught in a dilemma over whether to adopt a playful pup or a cuddly kitten? Our quiz is just everything you need to guide your decision! Through your responses, we’ll paint a picture that aligns your lifestyle and preferences with your perfect pet choice – a dog or a cat. This engaging quiz features 15 questions, each one designed to bring you closer to your ideal furry companion. Once you’ve navigated through all the queries, your personalized answer awaits on the final page of the quiz. 



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