Quiz About Dogs: How Well Do You Know Your Pet?

quiz about dogs

We are happy to introduce you to the quiz about our beloved dogs!

Dogs, doggies, puppies.. the most popular home pets in the world. Around 1 to 3 US and Canada families have at least 1 dog.

Did you know that there are about 400 million dogs that exist in the world at this moment? There are about 200 dog breeds that are recognized by American Kennel Club. No one can deny that dogs are human's best friends. A dog can be your guide, a dog can smell if there is a bomb or other illegal substance. A dog will do everything for its human! Literally.

Now it is your turn to show your knowledge about dogs. If you are reading this, then surely you own a dog. Do you think you know everything about your puppy? Do you think you can solve this trivia quiz without making a single mistake? We bet that some of the questions will make you say "Wow, I didn't know it".

Dogs can show their emotions towards their owner in many ways. To learn more, check if your dog loves you.

Quiz About Dogs - How to Play?

The Quiz About Dogs contains 12 questions. In case you don't get the maximum score on your first try, then it's better to re-take the quiz until you answer every question correctly. After each correct answer, you will have an opportunity to learn interesting facts about dogs that you probably didn't know. Good luck!

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