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Why has the NBA's popularity increased throughout these years? Take The NBA Quiz to learn amazing trivia!

Even though the NBA has been played since the early '90s and gained popularity around the 1980s, the credit goes to the Hollywood movies that made people massive fans of basketball. However, this fame got lost in the way, but it has become more prevalent in recent years than ever! Before starting this NBA quiz, we’ll try to share every tiny bit of information that you might want to know about this game. So, without further ado let's get started!

What makes the NBA so interesting?

There are numerous reasons like the rivalry between the Golden State Warriors and their stern competitors, the Cleveland Cavaliers. The dramas, twists, and turns before the games make it exciting for its viewers. Another reason is the amount of money that the NBA franchises are richer than ever before! And that is why they are investing more and more to make the quality better. According to Forbes, the valuation of the NBA franchise has increased by 20% in a year up to 1.65$ billion dollars! I mean, isn't it amazing? With ever-increasing revenue and audience every year, all of this money is invested in better training facilities and coaches for the teams. The duration of this game is shorter as compared to football. The majority of Americans love football but cannot sit for 3 hours just for a game. On the other hand, basketball is only 2 hours with exciting endings, and this excitement factor is responsible for attracting the kids of the new generation. Not only this sport has become the talk of the town, but attendance in the stadium has also increased.

How can you forget social media? The root cause of every viral trend! NBA has even more followers than the NFL, and players are encouraged to join social media to contact their die-hard fans on different social sites. Such engagements with stars have created interest among the people to know more about the NBA.

Best NBA Players of All Time

We figured that it's not a good idea to start this NBA quiz without discussing the players, so in this section, we’ll introduce you to some of the most prominent figures in the NBA world.

We are pretty sure that if you've grown up following the NBA, then you must know the greatest NBA players, but if you have started watching recently and trying to catch up with history. Let us make it easy for you and let you know about the best of the best players so that you do not feel left out in group conversations about the NBA with your friends!

Fan or no fan, everybody has heard the names of ever-famous LeBron James and Michael Jordan! LeBron is undoubtedly the best basketball player who has ever set foot on the court who single-handedly led the Cleveland Cavaliers squad to the 2007 NBA finals at just 22 years old. On the other hand, Jordan was also a great player with six championships, five MVP awards, All-Star appearances in every full season he played, and the status of possibly the best defender ever under his name. Now you know why Air Jordans are famous! Other than these two legends, there are several great basketball players like Magic Johnson, not only famous for his charming personality and dazzling smile but also he was the tallest point guard in the NBA at about 6'9".

Wilt Chamberlain has the four highest all-time NBA single-season scoring averages in his first four professional years and an astonishing 100 points in a single NBA game in 1962! Oscar Robertson's stats were mind-blowing, and I know you were probably too young or not even born to witness him playing in the courts.

Bill Russell, the ultimate winner in the history of the NBA with an aggressive style of defending. Larry Bird has three championship rings and 12 All-Star appearances, but his career got limited to 13 years due to injury.

Shaquille O'Neal, with his impressive build and excellent footwork, bullied his way to the basket. Tim Duncan is known to be the soundest player of all time with 14 All-Star Games and two NBA MVP awards under his name tag, and how can you forget Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who dominated the sport for almost two decades. To check out how cool he was as a person, do watch "Airplane," and oh! Also "game of death" where he fought Bruce Lee!

Before starting this NBA quiz

Participating in trivia is so much better when you’re competing with your friends. If you want to make the most out of this, go ahead and invite your friends and family to this NBA quiz.

Good luck!



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