Top Football Teams Logo Quiz: Can You Guess Each Club?

football logo quiz

Football Teams Logo Quiz

This quiz will test your knowledge and memory about the world's top football teams. Can you guess which team's logo is it? This is the first part of the quiz and the easiest one at the same time. This quiz about football teams contains 12 logos, and your task is to guess which team's logo it is. We have chosen 12 top football teams that play in UEFA Champions League every year, so in order to get the full score in the quiz, you have to know the UCL teams. If you're a football fan and you love to watch football matches at the highest level, then you should get AT LEAST ten points on the quiz.

Top Football Teams in the World

As everyone knows, the UEFA Champions League is the biggest football tournament in Europe. Every year, the best teams of their countries are standing a chance to get an exclusive trophy. Do you know which team won the UCL the most times? Yeah, you're right: it's Real Madrid (13 times). However, this year's champion is Liverpool. Who's gonna be next? Let's get right to the quiz.

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About the Quiz

Football Logo Quiz contains 12 questions. You have to guess 12 logos to get a perfect score on the quiz. Each question will reveal one picture of a football team's logo and you'll have to choose from 4 answers which one is correct. Obviously, the logo isn't full size. It's a part of the logo. If you're watching football since you were a kid, then you'll love this quiz and it will entertain you for sure! It will bring back memories of you watching the best football matches in history. This is the first and easiest part of the quiz, so don't forget to bookmark Quizondo to get notifications when a new quiz is published! Good luck!

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